Thursday, July 8, 2010


honrio form throttlefmc
sent me this photo from bornfree.
me matt and jeff

honrio had a real good vibe about
him and i always enjoy the things goin
down on his site.


Daniel said...

Just got back from my hometown Cleveland,Ohio. Was walking out of my friend's bar Now That's Class(if for some strange reason you find yourself in Clevo check it out/sometimes they have quarter pipes set up against the bar...bands playing in the women's bathroom/they sell mad dog,etc.)Anyways I'm walking out and some kid says to me "Nice 4Q shirt,you ride",I was sportin' the Death to those shirt...I said "ya I ride...a skateboard and a bicycle,you ride?" He started tellin' me about his motorcycle,anyways 4Q represent.

max schaaf said...

went to a bar in
in Cleveland once
called the "little kings
lounge".... skrewdrivers
-all skrewd up- on the jukebox.

tiptopdadddy said...

On the couch at home watching a movie with the family, little boy #1-is that your friends Eric?, little boy #2-is that you Eric?, girlfriend-Do you know those guys baby? Funny. Btw, I went to Now That's What I Call Class once in Clevo. There was a good old school hc band playing and the bar had a Rodney Dangerfield theme.

CHVRCH said...