Friday, August 21, 2020

--the green day house--

   Maybe i've told this story before. But this house is on the north side of ashby right before telegraph ave. The young men from greedy lived in it in the 90's so it was coined "the green day house" this was before the album -dookie- came out, or right around that time, because after that, and the success of that album their lives changed forever. The went from local pop punk gilman st heros, to full blown work wide pop stars, whether they wanted to or not, life as they knew hd to change.

  Mark Gozales was up here staying at the house skating, we'd drive around and listen to the smiths and look at girls and he's buy expensive socks and cigars. Mark is the best. I showed him this spot, more as a "wouldn't this be gnarly".... not thinking he's want to try it.  No run way, steep as fuck, and a huge kink to truck blocker at the end. In true GONZ fashion it was done before it started. A few awkward attempts, a couple slams, and before you know it, he's landed it. No wax, no filmer, no crew, just for the pure challenge. He was gassed that green day lived there and I feel like that had something to with his spark to pull it. The house is still there, the steps are so steep they've added a handrail. Just goes to show you, Mark is the king.