Saturday, August 25, 2012

...yes!!'s happening.

It's an honor to part of the TWO WHEELS BRAZIL show again. doing things with people you respect. Can't wait... but i will.

Preparing for some highway time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

.... go if you can......

a friend of mine was hit on his motorcycle down in LA a while back... he got really fucked up. some of his NY friends are throwing a little benefit. go and help him out if you can.

Monday, August 6, 2012

- oakland minute #9 -

stop the world and let me off. oakland ship yards. when they turn on you... this place will welcome you.
. in the wind? or behind the windshield? cate.. in it.
thank you KArl!!
mr. brat style.... too cool.
max: hey jason. hey man, can you help me move this clawfoot tub at 8am in the morning? jason: yea i think so. max: ok cool man, thanks. next morning on the drive there: jason: so where's this tub? max: it's on an old boat. jason:what? max: yea i know..sorry. jason: that's gonna suck to move! max:yea i know...sorry. jason: how do we get to the boat? max: uh.. it's an 1/8 mile down a janky boat dock. jason: what? dude? c'mon. max: i know... sorry
. and he even bought us sombrero's at a yard sale

cause what you see is what you get........

on repeat. for you....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

= wes lang = grateful dead

...I'm one of the worst tattooers in the world. But for some reason a while back my friend Wes let me do a tattoo on him that read "grateful fucking dead". this is when i learned that wes was a huge dead fan. So when he told me about the project below i was nothing but stoked for him. Congratulations man... I take full credit, due to the tattoo.
from: WWEESS Over the last 8 months i have been working on artwork for the brand new GRATEFUL DEAD SPRING 1990 box set. This is the thrill of a lifetime for me. There is an 18 cd set along with a beautiful hardcover book, tour program, backstage passes, tickets stubs.........endless. We also are putting out a great line of merchandise, shirts, hoodies, stickers, patches, you name it....pre-order the set here.......The artwork is all on one of my "collage" drawings. I will be posting sections of it over the next couple weeks and will reveal the entire piece by end of the month. Today also marks what would have been Jerry Garcia's 70th birthday....Listen to some DEAD today, i promise it will make your day better. Also look for a super limited signed and numbered edition print of the above indian skull image that i will be releasing in the next day or two exclusively on my site. The DEAD have been a major part of my life since i was a kid. Their music, iconography, attitude, uncompromising creativity, basically everything about them, has been a big part of shaping me as not only an artist, but a person. The music in the set is from the east coast tour in the Spring of 1990, a high point in the Dead's live performances. The band was in great form, performing amazing shows night after night. Totally by accident, the first show i ever saw is in the set. Nassau Coliseum, 3/30/90. My highschool math teacher, Mark Laichtman, was a lifelong Deadhead and he took me and a couple friends to the show. That night changed my life. Mark and I remained great friends until he passed away in 2010. I dedicate what i did for this project to him. I miss you so much buddy.