Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Oakland air is a little brisk tonight, the type of cold air that moves through you, no deflection just injection. Not east coast cold, but just this northern california cold that seems to creep up from under you feet and up your side, finding that little space between the collar of your jacket and your neck, and whispers to those little hairs running done your spine, saying "hello, i'm winter and i'm here." I was motoring through that air on the motorcycle tonight, a happy balance of throttling and braking accompanied by the occasional squeal of the tire and pop of the exhaust. The old motor underneath me happy to breath in the winters air and spit it out the exhaust in an even grumble. Sometimes it's a trip being on the busy rush hour streets on the old bike, dueling with the commuter hurrying to get home to his wife's "pasta night" and their favorite show. Feeling like a fish swimming the wrong way in a river… i read this the other day.."Abnormal swimming is usually one of the first symptoms of something being wrong in your aquarium." Not sure if i related, as the aquarium being this city, or this planet but there was some personal relation none the less. Some of my best thinking is done motoring around on this old bike. Tonight i got the cranial gears spinning pretty good. Mostly thinking about the season, the almighty Holiday Season. I've lost a few very close friends during this time of year. It can wear on people. There is some sort of treacherous holiday digestion,of your ears swallowing jingle bells tunes and eyes ingesting one more advertisement for the ultimate under the xmas tree gift. This season seems to create some heightened reflection on the past and magnify it. Friends lost, relationships failed, broken hearts, maybe the combination of all of those. It can be a lowdown lonesome time of year. I guess it's why i sat down to write this….. because I'm ok and tonight i just felt like reminding people to keep those that you care about close and keep an eye on those that you love. Don't let someone slip away that's going through it, that needs an ear or a beer, or a kind word. Fuck, you know even with all the bullshit that comes with Xmas, flying by all the lights and smelling the fresh cut tree scent pouring out of the local tree lot is not that bad. Stay strong, make it through it. Don't waste your time on the petty shit, look down road and give it gas, ride into it. Love those that need it, and want it, let the unkind words and judgments be the air behind your ears. ......

Monday, December 17, 2012


some stuff in store... i fucked and made no mediums in clown T. sorry. thanks for the patience and support over the last years. xoxo maxi store store store if you order the wrong size you get the wrong size.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Roller 04.

roll another number for the road THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ROLLER MAGAZINE

the 57 i built for JAy.

weird face


some of the buds

Monday, December 3, 2012

still pretty much the baddest cover ever. 1976

& still pretty much the baddest skate trick ever. chris miller lein cross-boner 1990

laying on the floor as a kid, skateboard in hand just trying to
figure out how he got into this position. pure beauty. totally original.