Thursday, December 31, 2009

...where will it takes us????

where will we take it?

happy new year 2010

drop acid
drop in
drop out

wake up

get down

time for a change.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...nova dash bar....

my friend dave is obsessed
with NOVA's. he handmade this
nova bar outta wood, foam, and
fiberglass. making a mold from
his dashboard. he body worked
and base coated it.
i was lucky enough to
get to paint the panels.


thanks jeff.

way back when in BERDOO!

thanks david::

This is my old man. He was part of the Denver's crew in the seventies. This is Ron Sikorski on his pearl white panhead, 1973. Check out the rigid front end! I'm not sure who painted it, but I'm guessing it was Freddy Hernandez. I'll have to find out. Dig the site.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


hurry and get this year over with

thanks rich

Monday, December 28, 2009

..always dug the wierdos more....



stolen from -vert is dead_

Saturday, December 26, 2009


for almost as long as i
can remember i've had a skateboard.
it took till i was about 12 for
me to realize that i wanted it to
rule my life. i clearly remember
goin down my first hill, getting super
bad speed wobbles and sliding my little
body to a stop face first on the asphalt.
it was the most pain i had ever felt...
that pain where you see white noise, your
teeth clench, and you stumble to your feet
hands on knees hunched over...just buzzing
from adrenalin. starting at yer head you go
down your body evaluating the damage. if your
lucky it's something like shoulders, elbows,
palms, and knees. sometimes the worse the slam
the longer the blood takes to ooze out... you
see the white fatty meat first then the blood
creeps out. the colder the weather the worse
it is.
after that first slam i remember hosing
off the blood in the side yard and limping to the
back door. but as soon as i got in the house i
had to smooth out my strut and pretend all was
good... hide the blood and hi tail it to my room.
at night mid sleep you go to turn over in bed
and learn about oozing wounds sticking to your peeling off a band aid,you make it quick.
i needed the skateboard in my life and was willing
to hide its inflictions no matter what. if wounds
where ever seen by the the parental guidance units...
damage was always blamed on my bmx bike. cause at
that time every kid had one and it was not as frowned
upon as the skateboard.
and the next morning i'm on top of the hill again
wondering where it all went wrong. this time scanning
for a small patch of grass or bush or shrub shaped like
a catchers mit, knowing if it gets bad i'm gonna aim for
one of those things to soften the blow.
evrything i've ever loved causes pain at some point.
people included. i'ver heard it said:
and it's the truth.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

....sorry we're closed.....

sent these photos
over to HEAVY check
his site out.
his own trip.
music and

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009


kiyo is rad

canadian friends

shinya's shop. raw talent

scott's spot

Friday, December 18, 2009

free bird....nope -born free-

last years show
super cool... this coming
years is gonna be better.
he's raffling off a PANHEAD.
like whoa? so support mike
and his deal. BORNFREE

Thursday, December 17, 2009

...souls sold 69cents.

cover photo:
oaklands own,ken nagahara
kinda weird the week i
decide to tear this bike
apart and turn it into the
garage find.. it ends up on
hotbike japans cover. thanks gonz


a beautiful photo essay
by -scott pommier-
on the chino fab shops
josh and clayton
bgp's by mindpills own"the nash"
a ride from chino to SLO

timeless photo below of clayton
super cool dude, super clean pan.

..pretty boy..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

there's a thousand more out there.......

this ones from luke:

hey max. heres some old shots of my dad. i think the story goes he hooked up with some bikers during his tour in vietnam and came back, got a chopper, and joined a club. thats my mother with him in the family christmas portrait. she was a feature dancer for him in his gogo club in corpus. the yellow rose of texas. he was living the 1%er life for almost a decade before he got out and became a preacher. talk about your worlds apart. theres a couple of shots of us as a family after he cleaned up a bit. thats me on the creamsickle. hope your enjoy.

thanks luke!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

...oakland garage find...> revisited

daydream believer......
in and around Oakland there's many old
homes with many old garages. i look down every
driveway and look into every open garage dreaming
of finding the )OAKLAND GARAGE FIND( in all reality
i know it will probably never happen. but the new
blue knuckle is just this in my eyes... what i am
always dreaming of finding.

it started with a blue raked out
panhead frame i bought from an old
biker in the oakland hills... he had
it laying on it's side under an upside
down bathtub. it was a few months ago...
i kept staring a the frame, wishing it
wasn't so raked.
So 15 days ago i de-raked it. brought the
neck back and that's when i saw it...
It had to be done. i had 15 days till
the dave man show and 12 days till my
friends from japan came. long days well into
the night,

Simple Blue Persuasion

the rakers left me a tip



the tank.. was too chubby
so i took out inside the tape
and shortened the sides


heated and tacked the round bar
waiting to be filled with bronze and

my ol keeping me and it
grounded. molding took a day.
it's a lot of work.

molded and primed tank

and i had to cut that
little stem out and replace with
a 1" stem. this is about day6.
took some time.

had to blend the old
paint with the new.... failed
at one idea so i had to rethink my
shit.... acetylene-ing did the trick
this is when i realized i might be able
too fool a few (oops) peolple.

had to tear apart my two up
tank shift knuckle.... needed all
it's parts.... another one of the reasons
this all went down is cause that knuckle frame
is way bent.

... no shit... i think i shed
one small man tear right here.
the motor looked like it belonged
in the new roller. this is when everything
else in life stopped.

almost there. 12:30 am day 12

appropriately finished on day 13. wich was 11 days
of working on it... cause i got therapy one day
and slept one day.

i would like to thank each
and everyone that responded to
the post below.... "karma, deserving,
congrats, good home"... fuck. thankyou.
you guys are amazing.... and the whole
time it kept me going, thinking in my head
"can i really pull this off?"

i wish i did find it.
gotta keep the dreams alive... even when you
gotta make em come true on your own.

Friday, December 11, 2009