Monday, February 28, 2011

-napa wizard josh-

my buddy up north always puts together
real clean bikes. master woddworker and
all around good guy. his lady found the tins
at junk style flea market.
loookin goood.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

-rack em-


dave mann

Thursday, February 24, 2011

-way back when-

derek thanks for the photos
they're absolutely beautiful.

*click on em they're
scanned pretty big.

i found some old photos of my grandfather after WWII. hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

-the oakland minute- #1

have been wanting to do
something like this for a
long time. a little oakland
piece. going to try to keep
it up, every couple weeks. open
my eyes more to the things outside
my front door.

the new generation of build
it yourself-ers. ghetto golden
hour, golden child. wso.

hanging on to last hopes.
shattered dreams. far out scenes.

head case, cheap

cunning linguist

what happened?
-the brother behind the counter
told me it was the " domino effect"
he repeated it several times, as if
i had never heard the term.

all these guys are fairly
short. 20 years ago we would
have had some serious boy
band potential.

jack london dog

stop time

Sunday, February 20, 2011

-mann alive-

dave mann's paintings and drawings
have inspired so many of us in
the bikes that we build. pretty cool
to see the machine he built in the
real world. r.i.p.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

re post & rain

doing the team dream.
dueling knuckles.
under tarps?
sold for parts?
3 speed w/ reverse

Long as I remember The rain been comin' down.
Clouds of myst'ry pourin' Confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages, Tryin' to find the sun;
And I wonder, Still I wonder, Who'll stop the rain.

I went down Virginia, Seekin' shelter from the storm.
Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow.
Five year plans and new deals, Wrapped in golden chains.
And I wonder, Still I wonder Who'll stop the rain.

Heard the singers playin', How we cheered for more.
The crowd had rushed together, Tryin' to keep warm.
Still the rain kept pourin', Fallin' on my ears.
And I wonder, Still I wonder Who'll stop the rain.

Friday, February 18, 2011

-x-treme! skatester-

everybody's doing it!

thanks christian

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i ain't the one

-speaking of photographers.........

one of the first bike photographers
that came by the house to shoot the hawgs
was m0-rice aka "the flying dutchman"
He showed up to shoot the 4Q bike back
in 2004 and shot the bike in front of the
garage(photo below) along with some other
riding shoots. Maurice along with people
like Adam Wright, Pommier, and Gonz from
hot bike always made shooting fun. All those
dudes i owe forever and thank for helping me
Maurice came by the other day on one of his
whirlwind photography jaunts. It was good to hang
again. He filled me in on his life over in Holland
including working for the airforce, travel, and
shooting photos of motor-x, bicycles, vintage porsche,
and the occasional motorcycle flick.
Check him out here DUTCHMAN PHOTOS
he also is a contributor on the COC blog
Nice seeing u Maurice. Have a good visit,
hopefully everyone else doesn't get
caught in the middle of a storm.

back in 2004


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a.j.'s pain-t

aj sent this beautifully
modified sportster tank.
the metal work was flawless
and the gen-shovel he's
putting it on is gonna be
TUFF. I kept it simple
and traditional. Thanks AJ

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


playmobil stop motion -joy division

so cool
stole from
m.rainey. thanks

ass, gas , nobody rides for free.

katie's boyfriend tristan
made this in one of is
classes. he was going to
file it away in a drawer,
so instead she stole it
and sent it in. thanks

pretty sure the image is
inspired from the pommier
photo of sean on josh's
bike.(is that name dropping?)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


nick, i don't know?
but someone on here
has got to........

Seeing your moustache you a question post reminded me of a question I've had for a while. It's bike and skateboard related, so I figured you would be the man to ask.

I remember the attached photo was run as an ad in Thrasher magazine a good while ago. They replaced the real guys face with whoever the ad was for. It was probabyly run around 94 or 95. I was 14 or 15, but I can't remember for the life of me who was in it, or what company ran it. No one I've talked to remembers it. Do you have any recollection on this one?-Nick S.

got sent this this morn
when i was a kid i used to keep a huge binder full of clear pages that i would fill with punk show fliers, skate/snow ads, and photos from the mags. i would rip out pages of stuff that stoked me out at the time. when i saw this post i recognized it immediately, went down to the basement and dug through the old rubbermades for the binder. attached is a camera phone pic of the ad...Joyride snowboards, Jason Carrougher, mystery solved, enjoy.
Benjamin Fuller

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

-the world is flat-

Vienna, Austria born Michael Schmidt got pushed
from his homeland early in his life. The purpose
of the uprooting was for him to get his
act together,have a fresh start, and to ditch
his untamed past. His parents shipped him from
Vienna to some relatives in the good ol' USA.
He landed smack dab in the middle of harley hawg
heaven....Milwaukee Wi. Years of living there
found him a tired old sportster. In his early
20's he headed solo to Sturgis, with $80 left
to spend he took it to Arizona.Upon his arrival
he checked into a school and spent some years
there preparing to become an upstanding American
citizen by working toward architecture degree.
The mission was accomplished and it took him to NY,
SF, and LA.... dreams come true, but they hadn't
yet. His passion was photography. He ditched it
all, left the firm and started pursuing his
photography. He hustled fashion jobs and things
started to pop. Having a wild hawg of his own,
and always practicing his passion for riding
motorcycles he started to shoot them as well.
Heart on the sleeve eye to the lens. when a few friends sent him up
here to Oakland I welcomed him. Problem
was some buds and i had a saturday
ride of 100+ miles and the only extra
running bike we had was my Mom's hand me
down Honda 400four. I've had photographers look
down there nose at better bikes than
it , not Michael he hopped on it and
took to the northern calif. roads. He didn't
complain once about not having a "cooler bike"
he only repeatedly thanked me for the loaner.
Super good time. Cool dude.
my shit cell photo
of Michael headed
home across the richmond
bridge. 100miles at the top
of 6th gear.

michaels photos.
lil sara



pomm and pan

Monday, February 7, 2011

-one of the best quotes & one of the best photos-


"To be nobody but
yourself in a world
which is doing its best day
and night to make you like
everybody else means
to fight the hardest battle
which any human being can
fight and never stop fighting."
- e e cummings


-holly hell fire- 1959

New York to Los Angeles
52 hours 11 minutes.
BMW R-69

Sunday, February 6, 2011

... i mustache you a question?

the hipster waxed
mustache trend in the
city is outta control.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011


on the tank looks like samdi.
sandwich, samdwich

-chris's drawing from the trip-

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

-new hotbike japan-

i was stoked to see
the new hotbike japan which
features an article on our
cross country trip. they
used kens film ,no digital
and chris did a really cool
drawing for it. i wrote the
words below.

here are a few scans
from the article.

thanks gonz!

It’s hard to put a trip like this into words. Other people have tried to sum up our trip for me and have used labels like
“life changing”
“a hard time”
“a once in a lifetime opportunity”
and “the experience of a lifetime”,
I can’t simplify it into just a few words.
It was long fucking ride.

The crew consisted of Ken Nagahara on a 1968 BSA,
Chris Lindig on a 1969 Shovelhead, and myself (Max Schaaf) also on a 69 Shovelhead.
The objective was to ride from Oakland Ca. To Brooklyn
NY…. with the possibility of riding home, back to Oakland.

Everyday you wake up with nothing else to do but to keep riding. Pack your shit up, drink some of Chris’s campfire coffee and pray that your bike fires up. The bike leaves first, then your mind follows it down the road. You’re at it again, listening to the motor, watching the road ahead, checking over your friends’ bikes as they roll next to you. No talking, rolling towards a destination that feels a million miles away. Some times the “what ifs” consume you. There is a lot that could go wrong, an easy place to die for sure. But when faced with the little fuck-ups; flats, breakdowns, outta gas, or lost…. You just keep looking forward. Get me to the end of the day; get to where the road leads you. America is still beautiful, there’s lots of folks still down to talk.
“Where you boys coming from?”, was a question we answered everyday. On the way to Brooklyn I would answer that question like this,
“We are headed east until we hit the water.”
On the way home I would answer,
“Oakland Ca.”
Gas stops of course are mandatory. With our small tanks those stops happened about every hour and twenty minutes. I welcomed the stops. Fill up, lay down, drink a beer, soda, or coffee…. and just stop for a minute. It became clear fairly quickly that at these gas stations we were the locals’ captive audience. You can’t fight it and have to welcome the conversation that is placed upon you. It was one of my favorite things about the trip. People were friendly. Ken and I ran across two Native-American men outside
of Wyoming who stood and talked to us for about a half hour. They were excited for
us and shocked that we chose to ride these particular machines across the United States.
The word “freedom” was often spoken to us. Freedom is a powerful word, and I thought
of its true meaning often. I enjoyed the freedom from myself, the constant distraction of the road and all that lay before me. The everyday humdrum that had no choice other than to be ignored; food, sleep, and physical pain become secondary. Keeping your bike running with you on top of it was the primary objective. In the beginning we planned on the possibility of maybe only riding one way, the further we rode it became clear that this idea was an impossibility. So we rode the road home as well. Oakland Ca to Brooklyn, Ny and back to Oakland. About 7000 miles.
Now that I’m home I look back on the trip as a chapter in this amazing life that I cherish. Hopefully an experience I can soak up again. –MAX SCHAAF-