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lurked out

scott craig and adam wright

high pro glow
on the streets of O

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help handsome joe

my buddy joe at
needs yer help

support joe

his buddy he was with wrote this:

This evening as Joe and I were riding home to catch some dinner, I saw him go headfirst into a minivan who took an illegal turn. We both saw her. I was trailing I had time, Joe didn't he locked up tried to swerve but it was to late. Smash! I swerved and fishtailed, trying not to run Joe or his bike over. As tough as Joe is, He knew something was wrong and had to lay down. while I restrained myself from killing this bitch, by using every cuss word I knew at her. Cops come, Joes really banged up and is taken to the ER and I sort out the rest and don't kill the whore.After many test, catscan and Xrays. Joe needs two operations, on his hand and his leg. Both broke clean through the skin and severed his tendons and nerves, it happens tomorrow with 6 month of rehab to follow.

The first thing Joe asks when I get to the ER is "How is the bike?" And I say "not a scratch to the thing" It's now dubbed Miracle Flake, two accidents and still holds a shine! As for Boston it's now dubbed Shit City with horrible Cagers. Now I can't sleep and I want to fight a 46 year old lying bitch.

Pray the Choppergods, grant Joey a speedy recovery and a healthy one!

We still have a lot of ground to cover. Love you bro.

Monday, July 26, 2010


"hey what ever happened
to onio?"

i get asked about ONIO
a lot. Anyone that knew me
in the 90's knew about Onio.
He lived across the street
from our house in W. Oakland.
we met him when he was about
1yrs old... often times dragging
him out out of the middle of the
street and back on to the sidewalk.
He became obsessed with our pit
Buzzard by the age of two... in fact
his first word was "Buzzard". His
second word was "skateboard".
So naturally we feel in love with
him. We gave him a board when
he was 2 1/2 and he was fully pushing
fast down the street and doing ollies
by age 3. It was an amazing sight to that was the cause
of many almost car accidents.
Onio had every single thing going
against him, a crack head mom, a dead dad,
a lead-ridden house that was poisoning his brain and
body, and a family that treated him like
a stray dog. But god damn when he smiled
or would bang on our door at 3yrs old and
ask me, "you wanna go skate the curb?",
none of that other shit mattered.
My Mom,Jake and I took him with us
everywhere. He became my son/brother/best
friend. From the time he was 3-15 i spent
almost everyday with him. In his early
years he had no concept that we were white
and that that even meant anything in this
Of course as time went on and kids would
ask him " is your daddy white?" or
"ain't skateboarding a white boy sport?"
He started to figure it out... that our
situation was not the norm.
He was in Thrasher by the time he
was five and in almost every video part
I had. We took him in the van with antihero
to Portland... and he got to see the raging
and the bro time that happens on those trips.
But no matter how hard we tried to pull him
from the streets he was drifting in that
direction. It was like a there was a magnet
inside of him, and no matter how many of
his cousins funerals we went to, he wanted
to be on the corner. It was fuckin hard to
see it happening.
Now i only get to see Onio every couple years
due to the fact that he is in and
out of jail. Every time i want
give him some attitude and ask him "what
the fuck?" but i never have it in me.
I'm so fucking happy to see he's still
alive and it's a reminder to me how lucky
so many of us are.
Where ever you are right now
O...i miss you. We should go skate
the curb.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

---lost camera----

lost camera. last seen sliding down
the 101 freeway northbound, just past
the golden gate bridge.

so i have never lost a camera
or left a camera somewhere. i
suck at losing stuff because i have
control issues. but it happened....
my lil camera jettisoned from my
coat pocket yesterday. it was well worn, had a low
battery and a cracked screen,and had been
to 3 continents.goodbye my

the last photo i took was of ken
nagahara who was riding with us on
his way north to portland. he is
putting his bsa to its longest test.
good luck ken.

here is a terrible rendering of
the ken and his kit on the way out.

lee bender did not lose his camera
so check his GLOB...onesickrace

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still made in USA
still same good fit
made the logo a lil smaller


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Sunday, July 18, 2010


never thought i would get quoted
in the NY times.

article here

in the past i would avoid speaking
of the connection between skateboarding
and motorcycles. trying to convince people
of an idea about something they never experienced
can often times be a lost cause. elitist attitudes
from both groups will deny any connection
to protect their own bubbles.
Personally I'm not one of those people that get into
trends as they come along....the two main activities
I've been passionate about throughout
my life are skateboards
and motorcyles.... never in a band, never bmx'd,
didn't get into raving, and when it seemed like all
skaters picked up a paint brush
and proclaimed themselves
artists... i passed on that too.
So it is a very strange
time in my life to see my loves converging.
The Harley ads with the metal flake helmets,
skate shoes
and flannels are too obvious.... and when
approached to be in
one of those commercials i opted out.
I don't ride those
bikes... but most of all that's HD's view,
Not mine. Mine is what you see on these pages.
I want no
affiliation with their viewpoint.
Yes i could have used the
20k, but i have to sleep at night
and that is already
hard enough.

They're are a lot of new people that are into
choppers. yes it's true. Lots of them wear vans
and are labeled as skaters cause no one knows where
the hell they came from...
usually the dude has never
pushed a skateboard down
the block.

Like anything that is awesome
people will flock to it.
Some will pour heart and soul
into it... some will just
be there for the ride, some will
follow, some will lead,
and others will just cruise
and have a good time. It's
fucked to say what is right
and what is wrong.

I'm not a biker... I'm a skater.
Luckily in the
last 10 years I've found choppers.
I dove in head first
because of one single night that
j'jessee let me ride
his friends panhead to watch
flat track races... the bike
caught on fire, i got sideways
on wet pavement in front
of the cops, and by they time
we made it back to jasons
house the $100 coat he let me
borrow was burnt with holes
and it pretty much looked like
i rode through an exploding
meth lab. It was one of
the best nights ever.
I had bugged jason a bunch
about car stuff and
could just about tell that
i had overstayed my welcome in
his world.... but around this
time i got a basket case.
It took 2 years in my garage
to build, but i did it on my own....
and that's how it started.
It's a different trip for all
of us and that's what I like about it.

I hear younger dudes just getting into
choppers say things like
" I built this bike in my garage Bro!"
like it's a hardcore statement or unique-
it just is what it is.
I did that too... so did a lot of us and
many who came before.
When i did it there was no jockey journal,
no message boards... there was not this network
like there is now. I'm glad there wasn't because
for me it made it a more personal experience.
But these days I like knowing that there are
like minded comrades all over the world.
Whining about blogs, jockey journals,
message boards, magazines and the popularity
of choppers is just showing your age and your
insecurity. It's like complaining about cell
phones, fuel injection, or the computer....
life moves on.

In the end i think it's about freedom.
About exploring who you are and having a
vehicle to take you in that direction.
The skateboard and the chopper have provided
this for me. I'm grateful that both have
taken me around the world to learn and
to live. That is the connection for me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

... healing...

I've barley been able to
skate the last few months due
to a torn ligament in my knee.
the last few days i've been back on
board... taking it slow.
it's so strange when you don't go
and run with the wolves(great now i'm
thinking about trueblood) but really...
pushing fast, scaring yourself does
something for your soul.

this is corny and -deep thoughts-ish
but shit. oh well.

neil blender 80's stoke

Friday, July 16, 2010


“Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own.”

-Harold Coffin-

..barbabarbizon modeling...

and the panhead has
one of those titty tanks on

oh dang

dylan sends this:

Friday, July 9, 2010

....i've been here......

the grease iron on
the smokes
the bird
a pink iron cross?

my friend gonz from japan

his lovely panhead

racing his 51 G

--backside disaster--

backside disaster
is a skatebaord trick...
but as i was writing this
i thought it would also be
pretty good slang for diarrhea.

-mexican wrestle-ing helmet-

i painted this helmet
for chris from 70moto a
while back.. he sent me this
photo of it being worn by a local
down in mexico.

i'm gonna take a guess and say this tan line changed drastically this day

....fair days revisisted....

chris got his airbrushed
crystal myth shirt made.
his 6yr old son did a sheep rodeo
for kids. his face is covered in
dirt from repeatedly getting bucked off
the sheep and going straight to his head. the end he got the trophy.

hello, hi, high fashion

from an old vouge

Thursday, July 8, 2010


honrio form throttlefmc
sent me this photo from bornfree.
me matt and jeff

honrio had a real good vibe about
him and i always enjoy the things goin
down on his site.

well -- said

scott pommier wrote me this:

i ended up going on that ride solo. which is pretty much how i thought it would go from the outset. i think i'm actually glad it worked out like that, it was nice to get away from everything. i did a loop out through the canyons, out to ojai and then out to santa barbara through the mountains and home. somewhere between four and five hundred miles, with only about ten minutes of that on the 101. canyon roads, coastal roads, mountain roads and farm roads. i camped out by michael's jackson's neverland ranch. after all the troubles starting the bike, once it had a bed roll packed on it, it started in one kick, both days. i guess it just needed somewhere to go. after riding all that way, i got pulled over thirty minutes from home. holiday weekend, and my route took me by the biker bar. so the cops were posted up on mulhulland fishing. i got a ticket for no proof of insurance, plate improperly mounted, out of date registration and i had some seatbelt ticket from 2008 that had soured into a suspended license. i never got anything in the mails, so i just forgot about it. anyways, now i can't drive until my court date. i'm going through all the rigamorole (sp?) of getting the bike imported and all that. shouldn't be too hard, just expensive.

i guess i've got some time to catch up on admin' and work on my switch flips.

take care,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

....mind bender....

lee bender is a rad
dude.... he got diagnosed
with MS a while back and it's
been a crazy/expensive battle
with the disease. his bro's
and bro-ets are trying to raise
some dough for him to get a surgery
that will give him the best chance
he has at being able to skate and be
healthy again. skate, ride, glide,
powerslide, boneless, moonwalk or
bunny hop down the the parkside and
help him out. it's gonna be a goodtime.
fo sho

...visitaion station...

mochi and gak
stopped through on
the way to the bornfree
show. they came all the way
from Tokyo. We had such a
good time.... even though
it flew by. I had time to
introduce mochi(tokyo) to my
friend moochi (vallejo) and they
hit off.

game recognize game

moochi meet mochi

moochi painted for -ted phelps-
way back when.

moochi's 46 find




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..nicke... a skateboarder from
he is wrapped up in many
radical things.
check him at:

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