Saturday, July 17, 2010

... healing...

I've barley been able to
skate the last few months due
to a torn ligament in my knee.
the last few days i've been back on
board... taking it slow.
it's so strange when you don't go
and run with the wolves(great now i'm
thinking about trueblood) but really...
pushing fast, scaring yourself does
something for your soul.

this is corny and -deep thoughts-ish
but shit. oh well.

neil blender 80's stoke


dave herr said...

its 1990 boys, lets get rid of the skeletons.
get some arnica root oil for your knee.

Daniel said...

"Gearing up for what they call Getting Down."-Neil Blender. Hope your knee heals fast!!!!!

Dan said...

faster the better- stoked your back in the mix-nothing more fucked for all of us than being taken away from our skating due to injury.

Matt Wes said...

if you skate you get it.

Mark Harris said...

Awww Sooooooooooooookie...................