Sunday, July 25, 2010

---lost camera----

lost camera. last seen sliding down
the 101 freeway northbound, just past
the golden gate bridge.

so i have never lost a camera
or left a camera somewhere. i
suck at losing stuff because i have
control issues. but it happened....
my lil camera jettisoned from my
coat pocket yesterday. it was well worn, had a low
battery and a cracked screen,and had been
to 3 continents.goodbye my

the last photo i took was of ken
nagahara who was riding with us on
his way north to portland. he is
putting his bsa to its longest test.
good luck ken.

here is a terrible rendering of
the ken and his kit on the way out.

lee bender did not lose his camera
so check his GLOB...onesickrace


chezmakr said...

If your Homei comes through Crescent City Ca Have Him give me a "Whats Up."

Unknown said...

Never underestimate the Power Egg. Sucks about the camera though...

kt said...

sucks about the camera dude!, but your determination to blog about Ken and his BSA journey including an awesome "rendering" made me laugh! Best Wishes Ken. Hope you get there and get some grinds in on some of those parks if your into that kinda thing.