Sunday, September 29, 2013

somedays just being alive is good enough, recognizing the balance between the delicateness of life and the will to survive

they'll try and pull you down, break what is yours, scrape at what you've built. little hands, small hearts, small fish in this big pond called the human race.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

= brooklyn invitational = 2013

 always a good time out in brooklyn for the invitational

thanks john, keino, and jeffro and everyone involved.

the show is always a little romantic to me.....from the time ken and chris and I rode there and
back in 2010. round trip. 7000 miles. fuckin-a, seems like forever ago.

sebastian complaining about being so handsome and cool. we can talk for hours.

wild in the streets!  photo by mild in the streets.

t. bang... the original tony bang is actually pushing backwards in this photo.

casual encounters of the 3rd kind. man-boy-wolf. awesome dude.

  cool bikes, cool shit and hot shit.

 what the fuck you say bout my bike? see you next year

baby got back

good parts.. not shit parts. fair enough. brian rules.

a slice of the grim raper

barbizon modeling shoot. "better luck next time"