Monday, September 28, 2015

=OAKLAND 1958= when in doubt gas it

thanks for sending me the photo john

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

some photos by Ben the Boog from Belden 2015

all photos stolen from BEN THE BOOG with out permission.

hi....high, up high in the Sierras.  On the 1947 Knuckle, Low in the saddle with the OL on the 4x8 pillion pad for over 500 miles. I guess the older i get the more it hurts, and the less time i have to do these things, so it all balances out and everything works out in the end..... In the end i'd like to know it wasn't all easy and endurance still beats comfort and the engineers from 1947 still create fire that burns ours eyes with unburned fuel and cleanses them when they well up from memories of days like these. Kick it and make it go till it runs too low then repeat. Forearms burn from vibration,  and your thoughts spin forward down the road. I think the relief is that it's forward and not behind you where the unchangeable lie in 50weight drops on 110 degree asphalt. What the fuck am i made of this day? Go to the end, look way down that road, are you a gambling man? Would you trade a good medical prescrition, lazy boyz, tapioca pudding and Florida ........for these scars, a story, a nostaligic grin, a worn right knee and an ornery personality that comes from the physical pain that is the payment from this good time?  This time, the time i ran it a little too hard,  danced a little too long, indulged a little too much, and robbed both Peter and Paul to pay for it, knowing in the end they'll get their money returned when i buy advil from them and they lay me on the kitchen floor and dig
 their heels into my seized lower back laughing at a foolish aging man child.
                  max schaaf september 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015