Wednesday, August 7, 2013

summertime 2013

i love this time of year
 they bay is beautiful
 the clouds are a thousand different paintings
 cool nights and warm days
 friends passing through
 getting it while you still can

Friday, August 2, 2013

r.i.p j.j. cale

 j.j cale died a few days ago with his album -naturally- placed on my turntable.  it's odd when things like that happen, my mind always goes to....-what does it mean-?
music is something that i have no given gift to play, it always humbles me when i try to play an instrument, i walk away feeling like i have two left hands and the voice of a seal in heat. to me music has become more so than ever a sort of drug that turns the volume up on a good time or in a low time when your heart is broke someone like Townes can completely shatter whats left of it into tiny pieces... drop you to your knees to collect its broken slivers and make you still got a heart to be broken, and you've  got company. In the last couple years i've tried to overdose on john prine, townes van zandt, blaze foley, and jj cale..... but to no such luck. Their lyrics are my company at lonely dive bars and on empty roads. They've made the sunset glow on the foggiest of days. Maybe some men i know seem to have no soul because it was given to men like JJ Cale to use and to share.

 this song magnolia is pretty much in my top 3 of the most beautiful
songs ever.

disregard the video and what ever fucked up advertisement they feed you.