Monday, August 31, 2009

my friend ken...........

got hit on his bike.cycle and got fucked
up but is "just happy to be alive" see below:

ken takes cool photos:
oakland greyhound, his transpo

his riding partner on the hound

his roomates dog. young and full of it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

........ get well soon dave.....

Hey 4Q,

What is going down? This is my roomates sportster he just finished and hasnt even got to ride it because he is in a coma right now. the day he finished putting it back together, he had to fly to go to california. he hit his head skating in san diego...he has been in the coma for about 4 days, they drilled into his head yesterday to release the pressure, and i guess things are looking better. he is a huge fan of the site and all the shit you guys do. We live in Salt Lake and all build bikes out of our garage(SFK 992). we built his bike from the frame up everything was done at our house. So basically i think he would be really hyped when he comes out of it to see a pic of his bike on the site...
His name is Dave Doman...

Much support to you guys,,,

SFK 992

go some photo's from this coming soon

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

<___joey sends a link to his finished scooter___>

awesome bike!
i really like it.
check the thought process

Monday, August 24, 2009

trent is a cool dude....

and he's having a little
event. go check it out.
he's got all the details

Sunday, August 23, 2009

new shirts.... stores open again.

sorry about the lag.
thanks for all the emails.

Friday, August 21, 2009

--for sale--

my friend jessee is selling his bike.
i love this bike. not a pile.
perfect running, low miles, fires right up!!
needs the cash.
all the good shit.
check it here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

label this as a goodtime

all around bad assery

the infamous crotch bust air

the longer u look at it the wierder it gets

cisco's panhead

classic shot. cisco&deacon in the back right??

..fred's bar...

i love photos like this. so timeless.

this photo of ryan smith-

still blows me way.

.clean freak.

so much shampoo and so much chrome cleaner

b h e
best hair ever

drag in the dirt....

looks insanely fun

stoned again

the days

jan, gary, larry

my friend jon humphries grand-dad.

just when you thought you were cool....


pretty nuts.
the little black one is
outta control.

and then this thing shows up at the coffee shop the other day.

and then two dudes pull up on the passport.

..bro i got the name for the bike!!

no it's tuff.
no man it's kinda weird.

-- canadian humor--

keagan, keegan, kegstand

" i just looked over at the sunset for a second"

caught a lurk outside the house...

this guy jason. he made a belt and
key holder for me. thaks dude.

all hail the king.

..thanks ryan...

for the cool words
and wearing the hat in
your skateboard mag interview.
and being alive still.

after school special

alex from italy sends these.....

him and his broseph.
panhead and knuckle.


i've been wanting to do a little
"HOW TO" for ever. i always forget
the camera or get so wrapped up in making
the part i forget to take pics.
so here it is. this took me about
an hour at the most.
* you might say why not just start
from scratch?? make the whole bracket?
well i like using what was there and
tweaking it.

this is a stock style pan/knuck brake
pedal bracket with peg. i use mids so i
don't want that peg up there and i hate how
the bracket stick out past the frame. so
this is how you would re-shape that bracket
to make it folow the frame and slim it down.
using what you have.


you get it. wear gloves and safety glasses.
cut it patiently.

here is the bracket cut at the two places
you will need to cut. cut both pieces as straight
as possible. it will help when you weld it back

that fish is talking shit.
make him shut his mouth.
(you may have to clamp these two
pieces together, also tack before welding)

weld the edge that you cut and saved and fill
all open edges with weld. (i went a little heavy
on the welds so i could shape the edges)

mount the bracket at the front only
and look at how the hole(back) is gonna
need to be moved. mark the center of the new hole
with a punch and drill it out.

now fill the old hole with weld.
your goin to have to re-drill the new hole again
to make it clean and round.

here is the finished bracket with stock
pedal. slimmer and follows the frame.
sorry the hardware is garbage. also spend
more time with the file to clean it up.

this is another one that i did.
made a pedal and brake rod bracket
and welded it to where the old pedal was attached.
added a piece of small dog chain to keep it from flopping back.

lemme know what you guys think.
i wanna do more of these. does it help?