Saturday, August 23, 2014

sunday morning music on a satruday

it took me a long time to realize how bad ass Roy Orbison is/was.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

heavy duty.....

 received this email the other day. these guys are local, and it made it hit a little harder. oddly i had 3 dying for our dreams shirts folded and put away, i guess now i know why. they came by the house the other day to pick them up, it was very emotional and you could see the loss in their eyes. thankful to be able to be a brief distraction in all the pain of sudden death and the loss of loved ones. hope the road smooths out a bit. Kai Rip man.

Hey Max,
My name is Kjell Phillips i grew up in Concord with my older brothers Brenn and Kai. Im 20 Brenn 22 Kai 29 and I really dont know how to put this into words but last Thursday night Kai was killed in a Motorcycle accident on the border of Concord and Walnut Creek.  I know this has nothing to do with you, but the thing is Brenn has been skating since 6th grade when he found your work and followed you ever since, when Brenn showed Kai your 4Q shirts Kai fell in love with you instantly as well.  Kai always wanted to get one especially considering how much he loved and lived by your quote "Dying for the Dream" but could never get ahold of one.  Im not asking for a free shirt or anything we will pay, but to have it would be the best thing in the world for Kai even now. and my Brother and I and the Love of his life Renee really want it for him.  Kai has been riding dirtbikes since he was a teen and bought his first Sportser in 2009. He passed away on his favorite Bike his FXDX, but what im trying to say is that riding was his life and going fast and living free was him. Which is also one of the reasons why he loved you so much. This is why this is so important to me and my family and why im contacting you. I understand your busy and im asking a lot but I had to ask. The links below are just to show Im not bullshitting you and this is more than serious, but if you truly cant help I understand.

Friday, August 15, 2014

fuck! thank you Jay. RIP. No mold was broken cause there was never a mold for this one.

  Its never about being the best, number one, or most likely to succeed. It's always confusing to me when someone who is "gifted" talent wise, becomes more valid than someone who has to give it 100% and is still able to do it with style. I think Cardiel is on that list, and Jay Adams is at the top. I teared up in his dog town and z-boys part, like many others i'm sure. When someone holds so much fire it's hard to imagine them any other way.... How will it end?  Well Yesterday Jay Adams died, and that is sad news, he gave us a lot to be inspired by. I only got to meet him a few times and it was an honor, I will celebrate his life and be thankful for his passion and creativeness that he blessed skateboarding with. Ride on Jay.

___ HARRY DEAN STANTON______ -partly fiction doc-

  saw this documentary the other night, really well done, not overdone. Its these type of actors that i think get overlooked, so glad someone with so much talent and such a long list of achievements gets the praise he deserves.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the new ~ RIPPER ~ is such a ripper

 So happy for friends involved. Ken Nagahara caught this cover shot of Tom Fugle that i feel is an image that will go down in history. It's completely gunfighter and his horse. Please support these guys and their vision. The magazines loaded with tons of BF6 photos too, lots of good stuff.

Friday, August 1, 2014

old, stale(tail), negative......

the sessions we've been having at the vert ramp in berkeley are some of the best i've had in my life. Fun, yet painful, good times. There's a whole new generation that is half my age, that constantly pushes me to run with them, and challenge myself. It's a lesson in patience and listening to my body and waiting for the moment it says "go", almost as if you were pumping a shotgun that only a had couple rounds in it, and you had to wait for its random firing, but were prepared to take full advantage of the explosion. I have to treat the sessions without ammo in the gun as.... exercise, comradery, and support this new generation. The other guys my age seem to only complain about how much better they used to skate and how bad there bodies hurt, i avoid the boredom and cliché of that speak but trust me, the thrill of these skates are peppered or maybe heavily salted with pain. My eyes have welled up with tears on the solo drive home thinking about how much i took a more sound body for granted, but now is simply now... and i continue to drop into the now. love is the silence in your head at this moment when everything stops, the only noise is your ball bearing whirling and your mind and body allow you to continue up the next wall. when your card gets pulled as mine did two nights ago when i over rotated on a backside smith and lost my footing.... adding another scab to my elbow and smacking my head, you simply hope that all the change you accidentally dropped on the floor can be picked up, put back in the same order it was in when you were going up the wall. Maybe short a few cents but enough to get on the ride again and chase the feeling i've felt since i was 10. No gasoline, no motor, a rather primitive tool (me and the skateboard) and a wooden U. I've seen these U's entertain robots, ninjas, cavemen, astronauts, magicians, scientists and many artists. I believe i've heard the roar of the  phrase "many are called but few are chosen" thundering above the wooden U.