Wednesday, August 23, 2017

can you diiiiiiiiig it?

The world is a mess but I'm conflicted, because i still get to look out my window and see my 10 year neighbor learning to ollie his skateboard on the sidewalk. A golden child, with a hardworking Mom and a dad that is out of the picture. " i love danger" this kid once told me. It made me smile.
The next day he had made me a drawing of an axe, a skateboard, and an eagle with the words -I love Danger- written above it. Through his eyes i can see a confidence and calm that could take down an empire, but i think his only desire is to challenge himself... weather its with his skateboard, pen and paper, or jumping missing chunks in the sidewalk with the other neighborhood kids. 
We are two beings on this planet earth, observing and participating in our own way, with over 30 years between us. Two different colors, two different experiences but we share conversation and i talk to him like an adult because honestly sometimes his views are the most honest and refreshing thing i hear all day. With all the hate and labels and lies i see, looking out my window can mute all of it. If you remove all the hate and fear in your heart and look inside what do you have left.... isn't that the part that should be nurtured. I don't consider my sell a politically correct person, i understand how fights start, i've had to protect my self many times, i'm a gun owner, a polluter, and far from perfect...... but i don't believe in hating someone for the color of their skin. I still believe in this world and it's power to laugh and love.


climbed out from under my rock for a Seen/Scene Report. Hello.

ashes to ashes

Jonah and his new paint

Elissa... one of the best.

Ken Time

Intermission with Tyler Boy

Reaction Action

I went to Australia the other month, I got as sick as i've ever been. This guy killed it.

Paddy and his father Pete...Legends....with Mr. Matt Machine. 

           Intermission with Ray Fonger

Assembly Show London.
Not going to lie, it was really a special time. 

Jer And MO  Winning

Dan's Clean Pan

Vince's perfect Pan

I met super mario

Mag and CHase

    Spanning Time

  Intermission with Derek and Josh

They End.