Friday, February 28, 2014

i've been out in Australia for the last couple weeks.... it's summer there, the skating is amazing, there are some chopper people there, and this is the beginning of some of the photos i took. I met a lot of really good people and travelled with some of the best. suffering from some post trip depression right now, even though i'm happy to be home..... know what i mean?


fish slalom

you can take the skateboard away from the skate spot but you can't take the skater out of the spot.

i guess i forgot the shot proving he made it... but this one is gnarlier. rock fakie.

on a roof drinking some beers, taking it all in. exhale.

                     carrer opportunities

                       the original crocodile done deal breaker

    cool building and business

  the furriest of calamari. i've known this guy for almost 30yrs

 eric the #KOSTON....  not only one the best skaters but one of the funniest people.

to be continued.........

Monday, February 10, 2014

the one (the juan) show. portland oregon 2014.

i like this show. i like the city and what it has to offer. doesn't seem to serious but lots of beautiful bikes and friendly people. old friends and new friends. a level of respect. a foot of snow. overturned big rigs, the most stunning brick building with the -king row-.  dennis's birthday. mark drews bikes. some chopper kings feeling out of place cause it wasn't a chopper circle jerk. pizza. tits. andy forgash and cuda hospitality. hashtag=babes. you know what is weird when people can make friends on line but don't have the gumption to just say HI in person. but lets be positive. this show is good. kinda a brooklyn inv feel. Thor, thanks. Feb bike show... why not. hibernation station shut down. Duane from stumptown makes the best coffee and provided me with one of the most surreal moments of my life. trip out and trip on life. 

the beginning

the beginning of the last 100 miles taking 5 hours

portland city lights

                          ken still life

raised by wolves
honda motorbikes

i'm calling the general of motors to tell him that this awd van was
so incredible in the snow when all around me was failing. bring them back!

everyone is not for sale ie.. ken

americas biggest bowzer. nothing but pure stoke.

two vespas in the fridge. it's cool.

the driest safest road i ever did see. homeward bound and gagged.

Monday, February 3, 2014

deja vu from 4Q

these photos are to show you the vibe and feeling behind 4Q..... i'm joking.