Sunday, February 2, 2014

peoples opinions often are shit. especially when they're to young or have never independently succeeded at something. Enter Jerry Seifield

go jerry. how random, but true, and obvious if you really get it. thanks eric shea


WhitelinePsycho said...

Wow !!! Uber truth, respect to you Mr Schaaf.

jason webber said...

Nothing is easy,
Though time gets you worrying,
My friend, it's OK
Just take your life easy
And stop all that hurrying,
Be happy my way
When tension starts mounting
And you've lost count of the pennies you've missed,
Just try hard
And see why they're not worrying me,
They're last on my list

Nothing's easy

Nothing is easy,
You'll find that the squeeze
Won't turn out so bad
Your fingers may freeze,
Worse things happen at sea,
There's good times to be had
So if you're alone
And you're down to the bone,
Just give us a play
You'll smile in a while
And discover that I'll get you happy my way

Nothing's easy

-Jethro Tull

Louis David said...

true words.
both from jerry and jason.


Nick said...

I would love to hear what George Costanza has to say.

max schaaf said...

nick.... so true.

Rick said...

My old man is damn near 80. Worked like a mule his whole life. Never been on a skateboard.

But when I drive him around town, and he sees some lone raggedy kid on a skateboard aimlessly bebopping down the street, he just points and laughs and laughs. Watches the kid till he's outta sight. The Old Man loves it.

Go figure.

magua said...

Never a skater(choppers) but my son is 24 ys old and is a great kid and so different then other kids around the neighborhood growing up but I always new he would be ok one word Tough and not in a macho bullshit way mentally! Great clip tells me something about Jerry!