Sunday, January 26, 2014

the oakland minute #10

... this would of been a good place to die, dramatic emotional chopper maker hangs himself from flag, in more shocking news chair was painted with lead base paint and floor was carcinogenic. who got all the parts? turned out he was blind.

i'll miss this so much

my tweeker neighbor timmy, always carrying his vintage clown in his antique pet carrier... see red bull can for meth proof

not trippin on jokes about synagogues

elijah snap, crakcer, pop

i saw you guys from 40 feet away and turned around

if you learn to skate for real, skate this. -hang around- skater status

do you see the correlation between the name of the soap and the tp?

thermal dynamic duo-ness.

just dessert. very insta friendly. people break up all the time. it's ok. the sun sets every night on this side of the street.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

traded for a beer....

it'a  good day to watch this again.
more reasons to time travel.
i've seen it too.
his name is simply DOG.

you can skip that ad in 3 seconds.

the dog got on shades?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

was a trip to see these on ebay....

painted these as a gift for an old friend. hope they end up with someone that appreciates them. i don't got something to sell, nor would i most likely. but they were some good times... and i had a lot fun with input and help on that bike, including the name... rip to the pannzee

Thursday, January 16, 2014

here is some paint work i've been doing recently. the last for a while because i'm moving shop.

it's fun to do flames, or lace, or shaded panels,
 but recently i've been
trying to do some art that is not so borrowed
from 60-70's paint,  the orange one is
kinda like the season when i started it...
the leaves changing colors,
their veins giving contrast. the other one is
 more zuni jewelry inspired, but
most of all it was just trying to have fun.
  these paint jobs take days, hunched
over tables taping, sanding, painting,
 again and again.  i try to create an original
piece for each person. it becomes their tank.
 instagram has proved that some people
want just an exact copy. which in some
ways is flattering but also a bummer when
it's something that was once one of a kind.
 how mush is the $$$ charge for the original
idea vs. they "hey can you just copy this?
  so check these out. i still have so much to learn
 and it will be like that for the rest
of my life. *if you want one of these exact paint
 jobs the step by step blue print will
be available at hot topic and k-mart for $9.99

Friday, January 3, 2014

sunday sunday sunday

this sunday at alameda antique thing i will be selling some junk. not 4Q junk, just junk. I'll be in the very back with the tweekers. EE13.
 probably just selling the CLUB for cars, but i don't have the keys. and a few dented cans of soup.
 and i printed some shirts that say "I MOVED TO OAKLAND TWO YEARS AGO AND NOW I ACT LIKE I OWN IT"
and i have 3 pairs of cut off sweat pants.
and about 10 pairs of cheap knock off raybans with various logos on them.
and four Frampton comes alive records.

come say... SUP
and use the words, bud, mang, or homie.

if you want something i have just hold up a
cardboard sign with a hashtag that reads #WANT

xoxo maxi