Friday, January 3, 2014

sunday sunday sunday

this sunday at alameda antique thing i will be selling some junk. not 4Q junk, just junk. I'll be in the very back with the tweekers. EE13.
 probably just selling the CLUB for cars, but i don't have the keys. and a few dented cans of soup.
 and i printed some shirts that say "I MOVED TO OAKLAND TWO YEARS AGO AND NOW I ACT LIKE I OWN IT"
and i have 3 pairs of cut off sweat pants.
and about 10 pairs of cheap knock off raybans with various logos on them.
and four Frampton comes alive records.

come say... SUP
and use the words, bud, mang, or homie.

if you want something i have just hold up a
cardboard sign with a hashtag that reads #WANT

xoxo maxi



JLuf said...

I'm interested in the sweat pants. I'm awkward face to face though so can I have your phone number so when I get there I can text you. If you accept my offer I'll pay with pay pal while at your table then grab the shorts and leave. Later in the day ill leave you a comment on the blog saying how rad it was to meet you and ill tell all my friends you and I are homies, ill tell them through a Facebook update of course.

Throwback said...

Fuuny stuff to read here lately at 4Q. Thanks for the smiles.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Fear and loathing at the swap meet, keeping it unreal. Happy New Thing mate.

Nate said...

Id say people would be better off using native dialect like "Damn blood that donk be hella tight".

max schaaf said...

josh luf i think you hit it head on.
josh throwback... i'm trying.
WP... godamn bats.
Nate... almost. but donks and hella tight are about 10yrs deep now, so i'm sure id have to at least go to -ratchet- or something but i think thats played.

Chris Saddler Sam said...

anybody showed up?

Jim said...

I have a ring full of CLUB keys but no CLUB...#justsaying maybe we could #CrossPromote

English bob said...

I am looking for a stuffed squirrel have u one?

max schaaf said...

chris... i made millions.
jim, its on.
bob- i can get you a toe.

Unknown said...

Hey Max, are you going to set up shop again in February?

STANDARD said...

Your beard isn't grey enough for you to be this bitter
"Chopper aren't dead now,just all the guys that build cool ones made it trendy"
See you soon!!!

max schaaf said...

standard.. it get's more grey everyday. and i'm allowed to be however i want. actually remember all those douchebags in the horse with gay bandanas and shitty flat black wide tire bikes with beer tap handles they made it so gay that cool bikes had to take over. then it opened it up for different folks or the pierced spikey hair kook just bought a rigid shovel and put on 501's and a cut off denim vest and made a nickname for himself. dogs like to shit near other dogs shit and sometimes they eat their own shit. i can make fun of how generic it's gotten, and everyone uses the same vocab. i know who's guilty. i'm not og but i put genuine heart and sole into this and have half a brain so i'll continue to write whatever i feel is just.
you need a new red t to respark the passion.

English bob said...

Hay max , a toe is a start it may lead to bigger things !

STANDARD said...

Naw Max
I still have that shirt... And a few more you gave me...
My passion is still there, I just find different ways to respark it, like meeting old guys that lived the life
And hearing there stories and seeing the photos they have and watching them light up like kids telling them to me
Stories of running from the cops on old shit boxes and being broke down,in small towns and taking on the whole local bar
Or being invited into some of the older club houses and hearing all the old stories and seeing all the photos on the walls is priceless to me.
But shit what do I know now.....
I ride a trendy ass all black FXRP......but I can say this
It's not bought.....I built it....from the paint to the motor!
And I have a pretty nice pile of old bike parts to build another old bike.....when I get bored....
So yeah .....
Keep up what your doing ....
For what it's worth I enjoy seeing the bikes you build!

max schaaf said...

i can feel that standard. word to the bird.