Saturday, January 30, 2010

got some more t's

sorry no xl's
xl's and more sweatshirts
hopefully by end of next week.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

what would J.D. do ?

one of the best.

Author J.D. Salinger dies at 91


precious cargo
possibly the best
photo ever.


dutch bmw chopper

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

..the world according to -jake-....

these types of posts
are some of my favorite.
real stories from real people.
not flicker. Jake was one of the
first younger guys i saw riding
around up north here. like me.. jake
would make the trek on his bike out to
port costa -alone- sit there for a few
then hit the road. now jake has a posse
of friends to ride with but either way
i'm sure he'd be out there. thanks so
much jake for sending these photos of
your dad and sharing the memory.

We got my Parents a contraption that converts slides into digital photos for christmas. I have been looking at a ton of pictures from my childhood, and when I asked my dad if he had any more pictures of his pan, these are some that he sent me. When the frame is orange, that is when my parents first met, before he had painted it. The little girls in the photos are some of my nieces. He told me that the headlight was from a catapillar tractor, but that it wasn't very bright, so he put the spotlight below it, I had never noticed that he was running two lights before. I actually got the air cleaner cover from him last time I was up there in Oregon. He made that by making a stencil, sanding the chrome cover, painting it black, and then painted the stencil. I guess he bought that truck from some dude in Oakland for 300 bucks. I am trying to get some pictures of the other two guys that he used to ride around with, nick rambo, and harry wolf. They both had pans too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

new shit............-->

new tripper t's
and crew necks

black T with
with two color screen

crew neck.... i like these a lot.
track bike not included

check the store to the right
girl riding spark plug.

..pure style..

from the front foot
to the band aid on the face
neil blender

it's all in a name

this one spells it out...

Friday, January 22, 2010

0:::: portland bike show ::::0

i've heard this is gonna
be good.
i cant make it.
My friend jon with
the black panhead i recently
built will be there with it-

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

serious man pan


Sunday, January 17, 2010

--.dead moon-- documentary

i like dead moons music a lot.
this movie gets behind it.
check it out.

..hazardous and unnecessary..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i love this photo..... wires

and loose nuts....
julien stranger
shows us andy roy.
nagahara photo

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

..skateboarding and moustaches.....

my friend jamie sent these
stolen from atg

Sunday, January 10, 2010


much credit to any
of you guys kickin in the snow

Thursday, January 7, 2010

.- curtis hsiang -. 12/4/63 - 1/8/00

my friend

it's been ten years since we
lost Curtis.

this is how i tell it:
i probably met Curtis when i was 14.
he came to skate our ramp in the old
(phoenix iron works building) in w.oakland.
what i remember is him skating a longboard,
it was a schmitt stix yard stick and he had
on some weird rector pads that had a trippy
zebra polka type pattern on em. at the time
both those things bothered me. cause i was
a punk and thought the only reason people
rode longboard was to get attention.
why would you ride a board that made it harder
to skate? and the pads just were too ugly.
anyway.... curtis dropped in and he was
about the sketchiest skater i had ever seen.
his feet were all over the place...he wasn't
cheating with the longboard or trying to get was a tool for survival.
Curtis slammed so hard that day... in fact
he slammed about 5 times that day. hard slams,
the kind that took most skaters out. Every time
he rose from a slam he had this wide eyed,twisted
smirk on his face. he liked it.
So at a time when Jake let no one skate our
ramp, Curtis was always allowed. Because Jake
loved to see people slam and Curtis slammed
everytime! Sometimes it looked like Curtis would
slam just to make Jake happy.... and he probably

About eight years later i built a new ramp.
it was in my mom's warehouse. I was 23 at the
time and all i did was skate. Everyday. In the
bay area at this time there were no good ramps.
I figured if i built this bad ass ramp all these
insane sessions would go down.... nope. The ramp
was too big for most. i was probably to intense
about skating for most and at that time people
were just either not interested or to scared to
skate vert. i mean people came....but not daily.
.....well aside from CURTIS. like loyal dog
he showed up twice a week to get his beatings.
and times had changed he rode a normal fucking
skateboard. It was a strange dichotomy. Ten
years younger than Curtis I'm trying switch kick
flip indys and he trying to frontside airs. Make
no mistake...Curtis ripped! He was a nut and would
rarely bail off his board. He was no pussy. He just
skated his way... crazy frontside grinds, and
disasters and what ever else he could get away with.
In a big session Curtis would get loud screams of
approval from all onlookers and all of us... probably
some of the loudest. mostly because he made it so
obvious that his skating came from his heart. pure and
true. all him, all his style.
For the next four years Curtis and i skated together.
Day in and day out. Sometimes we would just end up
talking for hours on top of the ramp. He became
a friend and big brother to me... in a time in my
life that i was so obsessed with skating i had become
somewhat lost and lonely.. he pulled me out.

On the day Curtis died we had all got together
to skate for a friend matt who had taken his life
a few days had been a rough time for us.
Curtis's longtime friend and one of my east bay
heros Ruben Orkin had lost his life to cancer 11
months before at the age of 29. Curtis had taken
one of his usual hairball runs and was walking
off the ramp.. suddenly he stopped and sank down
onto the ramp. he died right there. in front of
all of us. the bottom picture below: green shirt,
red pool coping.... that's Curtis's last run last
frontside grind, at least here in this life.
something with his brain told his heart to
stop. like so many others i lost my bro that night.
not to drugs,gangs, or suicide, just like someone
flipped a switch. he was gone.

we miss you so much man.
think about you all the time.

curtis called this art

the last one

--the ol' over under--

a few years
ago.. with one of my favorite
eastbay skaters "major".
this kid had the best style.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

stash box

....from my niece!
my 9 yr old niece made me this
for x-mas. using the wood burner
and the paint.

john from sacto....

sends me some good shit.

cause he's a good guy