Sunday, December 29, 2019

I'm trying. Sunday night.December 29. 2019.

- "it'll be good publicity"

 how many bills does publicity pay? 

-"we've got so and so, and even so and so! on board" 

oh really?

"yes, and they're pumped to work for pennies so we can profit of your guys life"

oh cool.

"just do you, and we can benefit from that. but we're going to tell you where, when, and how to do it"

-so how does that benefit me?

"listen you guys aren't curing cancer or anything, whats the big deal?"

-oh, really. I'm aware of that, but this is my life, and my heart, and my soul, so it's important to me not to completely soil the thing i've built from the ground up, with zero help from you.

"so if you're not interested we're going to contact those guys that are so desperate for any type of attention or publicity that they'll say yes to anything"

-thats a great idea. 

Richard Brautigan (Dick Bratwurst) and a picture  i took of his book, which always feels 
weird to do. You can feel and smell the pages of the book, but once it's digital you can only

 I think this is kate moss. if it's not, good for her.

the original winos. $6.99

Friday, December 27, 2019


 My 1969 XLCH. I love this bike. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019


      There comes a time in every mans life...... There comes a time when we must draw a line in the sand... what I'm trying to say is that  Life does not stop and start at your convenience you miserable piece of sh*t. 
      Rambles of nothing and movie quotes. Stagnation plaguing  our nation. A few times in my life i've had what scientists refer to as FOMO, nothing to do with Ford motor co,  that since 1937 has been lucky to sit in the Chevy shadow. There are personalties that paralyze themselves by thinking everyones having a better time than they are. The " thanks for the invite" mentality. Bitterly double tapping the screen so the heart turns red, as your own heart grows  white hair similar to that which grows on wet dog shit your child was supposed to clean weeks ago. Shirtless  frat parties which dialogue produces exactly the same conversation nightly, your damned if you don't though, the initiation is futile, you've merely been placed in line, accepting the devolution of the caveman regime.
   Follow your own path is a possibility for the romantic wanderer, swimming away from the lords of the flies, crossing lonely deep waters filled with sharks and sharp tongued snakes, searching for  a warming calm deep in the center of your chest, if your calculations are correct and you carried the 1 and dropped the 0,  you've found yourself standing there content, possibly with fewer that mean more than a gaggle of goofus's. Less can truly be more..... but more what? Keep your piles of iron and cyber gold and your paper thin personality.
  There comes a time to put value on  the subtle. A single car garage on a sunday morning, a 59 Bel Air slides out on supremes, a low long purr moves down the street. Driver unknown. Someone made a wrong turn within the last decade, can we grab the bars and turn it back around, throttle the m74b gradually into a classier two lane?  Take it off blast. Collecting parts for bikes to be built , not a photo claim or status, it's not a sport, if it truly is an addiction maybe you need to seek help. I'm tired of paying double due to your insecurities and compulsiveness. Puff, Puff, now give it up. "Be cool motherfucker" This is the pot calling the kettle black, a flawed man, but it's gone to far. I've had enough, I've had more, and I'll have less. But i'm ok standing naked in the street.
   This below, was a treat, an old american bike, the woman I love, some people I've known for over 10 years and a Ride.  Passing the ocean, into the mountains, stopping on frozen peaks, 300 year old tea houses with dirt floors, and living right then and there. The leaves laying on the bottom of my tea cup were laughing at me for all the times I competed, compared, partook, and bought into the bullshit.

rachel and I



                                                             Moochi and I

        Bg Taka.... loaned us the bike and provided an incredible ride. Thank you SIr.

* about the author and his above rant------->  Pj Hotair is professor gibberish and received his BA from the west oakland post office. At times he's been labeled as the Kim Jong IIII of our chopper generation. After his bout with narcissism, and near death experience after choking on a jello shot in a yokohama bar, his readings have became muddied and blurred. His last works titled: The Hyperbole Paradox has been slammed by critics and fans. Please look for his new work suitably named: Tall Talk from the mountaintops.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

It's sad that I don't post here anymore. I loved vomiting images, ideas, and stories at my visitors. I'm sorry

 I made shirts for this Holiday of 2019. They will be for sale Sunday Dec.15 Noon
pacific standard time. Every order of over Two shirts or more will recieve a free keychain
that looks like a lollipop with out a stick, but trust me, it is not edible. Well everything is edible if you
chew it, but these will harm you. Back to the shirts..... they came out really nice. USA made, printed here in town, and guess what...... both the short sleeve and long sleeve have pockets. Enjoy your time here on Earth. Don't buy these if your broke, buy some canned food or pay some bills. But if you can, you help keep this 4Q steam engine going. Its small, its just me. Anyone can do it, but i really try to stick to my beliefs and not make it gross. Someday when I'm old (hopefully) and working at the hardware store selling LED lightbulbs to aliens I will look back on these days and smile at the simplicity of it all. Happy Holidays earthlings.