Sunday, December 29, 2019

I'm trying. Sunday night.December 29. 2019.

- "it'll be good publicity"

 how many bills does publicity pay? 

-"we've got so and so, and even so and so! on board" 

oh really?

"yes, and they're pumped to work for pennies so we can profit of your guys life"

oh cool.

"just do you, and we can benefit from that. but we're going to tell you where, when, and how to do it"

-so how does that benefit me?

"listen you guys aren't curing cancer or anything, whats the big deal?"

-oh, really. I'm aware of that, but this is my life, and my heart, and my soul, so it's important to me not to completely soil the thing i've built from the ground up, with zero help from you.

"so if you're not interested we're going to contact those guys that are so desperate for any type of attention or publicity that they'll say yes to anything"

-thats a great idea. 

Richard Brautigan (Dick Bratwurst) and a picture  i took of his book, which always feels 
weird to do. You can feel and smell the pages of the book, but once it's digital you can only

 I think this is kate moss. if it's not, good for her.

the original winos. $6.99

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Andy said...

Man, do I love that Brautigan excerpt.