Monday, June 20, 2016

it's getting there

trying and learning

 taking what it was and making it what it is

   smells like oysters

                                  more perspective


                                       i can feel this one

                            soby and tara. thanks for your help and support


                                      its been my traffic beating shop truck for running to chrome and to get parts. makes you kind of wonder why the fuck your breaking your ass to get something that might not even be there

                                     killing myself to live, pissing in the wind

                        went to mexico for two new feet

                               removing finger tips and feeling good

                      make due


one small scratch and it's in

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

scene/seen report 1369

san quentin background 


naked from the chest down

exploring the yukon

non fattening tech article:

"and things very few other people have done"
there are things we've learned at age 16 through skateboarding....
one is to never say stuff like
 " (the photographers name) took this amazing photo of me"
  i know some were not packed into vans full of 10 other -peers- that
were ready to pounce when things like that were said..... so i blabber it out
here as a free idea.

i'm only ok at the doing things like photographed below. but hey they run.

sky in the lucy with diamonds

flip it and reverse it.