Tuesday, June 7, 2016

scene/seen report 1369

san quentin background 


naked from the chest down

exploring the yukon

non fattening tech article:

"and things very few other people have done"
there are things we've learned at age 16 through skateboarding....
one is to never say stuff like
 " (the photographers name) took this amazing photo of me"
  i know some were not packed into vans full of 10 other -peers- that
were ready to pounce when things like that were said..... so i blabber it out
here as a free idea.

i'm only ok at the doing things like photographed below. but hey they run.

sky in the lucy with diamonds

flip it and reverse it.


rmoore said...

do you ever feel like you had a passed life in the 60s, I do

josh r said...

Misdemeanor !!!

JLuf said...

"Mother I tried please believe me,
I'm doing the best that I can.
I'm ashamed of the things I've been put through,
I'm ashamed of the person I am.

Isolation, isolation, isolation."
Those are certainly words to do something too, I'm just not sure it's fucking

D.Car said...

Your back yard looks pretty rad

Distances said...

I heard your old shop was around the corner from the metal shop I work at, in west oakland. That would be rad if you were still in the neighborhood! Keep up the good work!


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