Monday, September 8, 2014

true words....

i've always loved this version of "satisfied mind".
it gets me thinking every time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

last weekend was prefect

early in the a.m loaded up and ready to see what the day brings. i had spent the week putting this bike together for the Belden ride..... maybe should of had a lil more time before a 400 mile outing.

john and reyna are fucking rad. John is solid and a funny ass dude. thanks for being you john.

my bike ran pretty lame the whole way up there. last thing i wanted to do was limp it along in 100degree weather, so i left the pack, said byes to those i could find, pulled over here to take a swim in the yuba and continued on to nevada city to find a hardware store and fix my situation. Turned out the petcock had been clogged by a mass of rubber, so it was only trickling out.... makes sense why i could get up to speed. Pee next time you judge someone for leaving a ride or "sneaking out" realize sometimes it's about the journey and not the destination, i was having a blast and wanted to keep riding, alone was fine and fixing my bike was the priority. There was lots to do that weekend, stop comparing your world to everyone else's, theres people having fun out there all over the map.I hold hands with my girlfriend. Oh yea the punctuation quote you took so personal is about me.... have you ever seen how terrible mine is? 

anywho... man we need rain bad, that poor Yuba is so low. bike ran like a top on the way home. 

Along with the Belden ride i really wanted to hit the vert ramp this weekend, made it, had the best time. 14 person session? 1985? so fun.

 but you gotta pay. slammed again, transplanted my nose onto my elbow. prego.
  and then monday day game with the A's made in the shade, they won!
  wrapping the 3 day weekend up with this lil man. nothing better.

thanks casey for dealing with the "geographical challenged" brandon and marco for being patient on the way up there.  Zak and young Brandon for the skate, and the A's for a good show.