Wednesday, June 11, 2014

...{ sturgill simpson }...

  new country can kind of seem like any oxymoron when you listen to a new country station.
it;s the same OLD shit and it feel's far from country. Most new country sounds about as terrible as new hip hop or r&b. made for the masses coors light bullshit.
   ok and heres how this works to me when someones tell's you about some music that is good and you go off telling everyone about it..... which i'm doing right now. you do this... Eric Shea thanks for telling me about -sturgill simpson- it was the first i ever heard his name. And now i've had quite a few people ask me if i've heard him.... i say "yea my buddy eric told me about him.  On the contrary don't be an asshole and post some photo of the dude and say "look it up" so everyone knows you're in  -the know- when most likely the song your'e saying to look up, we've already heard. Instagram is shrinking the world, it's showing us some beautiful things but it's also creating these beings that aren't who they pretend to be. if you want to know me, the crass asshole, sensitive shell collector that i am, scroll through the last how ever many years of this blog, then we can get a coffee, burger and beer.
sponge bob square brain's are all around us waiting to slurp up the next big boom. put your chopper inside your scooby doo van towed by your rat rod and drive it into the ocean. i have the scuba gear. will trade for a nice martin acoustic guitar. humble is good until people try to elbow you out of their way and jump your claim and then you have to rub your shit in their face..... or just wait for their inevitable -blow it- cause they got into the gates of the wonka factory and ugustus gloop-ed something you put so much of yourself into. take and bake.
 it's total sun's out bun's out day.
and thanks sturgill for writing some songs about dmt and buddha and life out side lite beer