Thursday, April 30, 2009

<---a man a plan a canal panama--->

sitting in the waiting room

exit only

and the same

margin walker

-photos from the shop-
thanks for the photos
scott pommier....photographer.

bite it...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's been a good life......

matt from MACHINE sends a good letter he
got from an older biker that helps him out over
in OZ.
matt says: hey max,
i have this guy here in oz...he lives about a thousand miles from me but hes helped me with parts and hes just a wealth of knowledge and anyway....we have been talking for years about pans and knucks and stuff...hes from the US and hes always got a cluey answer for my questions....
anyway..hes seen your site...(loves it) and hes seen what im buildin and hes just so cool for 65 years old and still rides his knuck and his pan chop and his vincent black shadow ...anyway..he tells me the other day that hes gonna send me a tank that he wants me to keep cause its special to him and he thinks im gonna put it on a bike hasnt been on a bike since 87 ....was on his 49 he lost in the 87 ML King Day Riots was the only thing he could pull off the bike.....

Oh I guess it's been a good life!
The photos bring a little tear the day after ANZAC day. I was thinking about laying in a fox hole 40 yrs ago in the DMZ, whilst it was quiet, thinking that "if" I Iived through it "all" I was going to have myself a long black Pan when I got "back to the World!" My body could take step after step in the bush whilst my mind was on that Pan over and over step after step, each step, part after part bolt after each nut it comforted me to think about a Pan Chop!
Well to lose the "dream bike"under such circumstances ! It's all about world powers, and governments and mainly "society"
"You can't have shit!" But, remember: "shit happens!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

............backyard pools

the first time i ever skated a backyard pool i was
13 or 14 yrs old. it was called the Kona bowl and it was
behind an abandoned house in walnut creek. the older kids
knew about it and took me there. first wall i looped out and
hit my head. not knocked out but dazed and humbled.
backyard pools that are not built for skating are most times
hard to ride. kinks and lots of vert every part of every wall
is different...... so of course that's why they are so much fun.
the dude -royce nelson- in the photo was probably born to be a
major leaguebaseball player. he's good at most everything he does.
by day he is an inventor and all around good guy and father.
i've never seen anyone skate a backyard pool like him.
i would guess he is probably one of the best backyard pool skaters
in the world. everytime i go skate a pool with him i still feel like the'
little kid dizzy from hittin his head and completely humbled by royce's
natural talent.

-royce- crail slide over the deathbox.
maybe tried 3 times before he made.
..tsuyoshi from FELEM in the background

Monday, April 27, 2009

love is in the air.....

more paint for jeremiah
duplication was way harder than i thought.
his buddy found the orange tank at a swap.
paint from the 60's.
painting can be fucked. sometimes it all flows well
and other times it a total biotch.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

northern calif. hgwy 101

click on this photo. please

pommier on the riding side of the lense.
"just push the button keegan"

wanted to say thanks...

to everyone for
checkin on my mom.
she just got a little banged up.

and to everyone ordering shirts.
thanks! it's always cool to see some
of the places they're heading.
i totally appreciate it. - max

Thursday, April 23, 2009


new pocket t's
black T with white and red ink.
all sizes. comes with stickers.
thanks. , max

thanks to gabe griffen
for the mask.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my mom is tough....

it's been a rough last couple weeks
and to make things worse i got a call
from my mom saying "i just crashed my bike"
then went on to tell me she was:
on the freeway
going at least 50mph
and got clipped by a car.
my mom.
whoever the cyclists are that helped
pull her front fender out of her front tire..
...thanks so much. her forks are way bent and
she rode the bike home.
scary call. love you mom.

Monday, April 20, 2009

evil knievel

this actual photo was hangin in
a friends garage. he said it was taken
of evil in san francisco in the 70's.
sf civic center.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

O.K....... you win.

a harley sidecar with a flathead
motor attached to it.

thanks for the photos
mr. tershay.

Friday, April 17, 2009


me and the wifey
have been puttin some miles
on this thing.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

fr: jeff johnson (stillwolf)

I currently live in Riverside Ca About 4 minutes from where Denver had his shop in Berdoo! Here are some photos of my friend Ben's Grandfather. He was in the Riverside Bombers M.C. These guys were bad as hell! Post war vets.

a few more from jeff still to come

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

good god.

Lee bender from onesickrace sent this one in.
it's his buddy -cody boat's- great grandpa.
click the photo.
a lot of air for some hoopty ass ramp and
almost zero suspension.

thanks lee&cody

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

**hunter s.**

imagine some of the situations this guy has put himself in
to write. a strong personality, stomach, and willing-ness to roll
with it... i imagine.

thanks austin

Monday, April 13, 2009

..remember that old tattoo flash i posted

well dan at royal tattoo in Philly already put it to good use

Thursday, April 9, 2009

--jake phelps-- 1985

jake was about 22yrs young in this photo.
straight from boston. crazy for sure.
dreads. slept in a closet. had no job.
christmas tree ramp in walnut creek.
sometimes i think of jake of the hunter s. thompson of skateboarding.
maybe that's to easy.
intense for sure.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

more -- bill ray- photos

looking at every detail.

if yer looking for one of the coolest triumphs....

...around...this is it.
all the parts you will never find
and john edwards paint...built by
mike davis( who i think builds some of the coolest
triumphs around). hit him up on his site- BOrn LOSer
pre-unit ready to ride. runs perfect.
not cheap but worth it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

b. ferdinand 1990

when i was about 13 my
mom would take me to this shitty beach
in Alameda, Ca. Not a beach with waves but just
where some land ends
on the shore of the bay. Sludgy
muck sand that lays on the edge of filthy bay
water. Alameda is one of the towns that butts up
against Oakland, 5 minutes away.
The beach is fairly deserted in the winter
and on weekdays,... but come summer it becomes
beach party USA. Sorta.
Not really.
Picture a ghetto beach
5 minutes from
Oakland and blue collar towns
like fremont, san leandro,
and hayward. What I'm getting
at is the mix of people is
bizarre. At the time there were
brothers with the stove-top afros
playing frisbee with their chicks
sportin the crazy neon 2-live
crew bathing suits. Right next
to them was some dude probably named
Gary that drove a bitchin tubbed Nova
and was downing Coors lite
like water...and next to that some
goth kids that hate their parents
huddled up under a black umbrella...... somewhere
in the mix was my Mom
and i pulling up in a light blue pinto
station wagon with the words "chavo"
spray painted across the hood. At the
time my Mom had long black hair on
one side of her head and the other was
a combination of dreadlock and shaved
patches and some small braided strands
with copper wire wrapped around the
ends. When we showed that whole mix of
people, that i mentioned above that
had nothing in common,....suddenly had
one thing in common. They were all
staring at my Mom.
At this time i wanted a skimboard real
bad. Cause this beach was flat,
had no waves, and was pretty boring in
general the one thing it did have
was these massive shallow puddles when
the tide went down. So if i had a
skimboard i could fly across them. My
Mom explained to me that skimboards
were to expensive and we could easily
make one. So she took an old piece
of 3/8" plywood (i remember it was 3/8
cause it was spray painted on the
piece of wood) and cut out the shape of
a skimboard. She handed me a piece
of sandpaper and told me to sand the edges.
So i did. When i was done i told
her "i think we need wax".
she handed me a candle. I didn't know
which side to wax and
my mom didn't either so she told me to
wax both a sides. So i did.
So it was a hot summer day and the
beach was filled with people
and we showed up. Mom and me with our
bathroom towels and a "new"
skimboard equipped with some pretty
killer graphics that
read 3/8 across the bottom. i boogied
as fast as i could down
to the longest most shallow puddle i
could find. held the skimboard
by the tail and the side and ran my
little ass off.... when i dropped
the board down and was thinking i was
going to jump on it, it nose
dived and i endo-ed over the front sliding
face first into the puddle.
But after some time and flipping it from
side to side to see which
worked better it started to work.
somehow.... a flat piece of shit
cut out of left over plywood, waxed
on both sides....worked.

That's the day I met Brian Ferdinand.
He came up and just stood
at the edge of the puddle watching me
struggle with this thing.
He wanted to try it... so he did.
We quickly figured out that we both skated.
He wanted to show me his board. A black Christian
Hosoi with indy's and four different color wheels.
Only a pro skater had four different color wheels at
that time. Brian could already ollie and tear around
and was already part of some skate crew. We parted
ways and didn't see each other again for a couple
years.... but that's a whole other story.

brian- seven years later.
with one of my favorite spitfire

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


ITSUMI thanks for sending us this stuff.
never thought i would see the day of a
crocheted 4Q logo. Sarah has been sporting the
Cult Club necklace.
a nice surprise.
Yer Awesome!!
Please tell `Mr Takada` thanks for the tools.