Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's been a good life......

matt from MACHINE sends a good letter he
got from an older biker that helps him out over
in OZ.
matt says: hey max,
i have this guy here in oz...he lives about a thousand miles from me but hes helped me with parts and hes just a wealth of knowledge and anyway....we have been talking for years about pans and knucks and stuff...hes from the US and hes always got a cluey answer for my questions....
anyway..hes seen your site...(loves it) and hes seen what im buildin and hes just so cool for 65 years old and still rides his knuck and his pan chop and his vincent black shadow ...anyway..he tells me the other day that hes gonna send me a tank that he wants me to keep cause its special to him and he thinks im gonna put it on a bike hasnt been on a bike since 87 ....was on his 49 he lost in the 87 ML King Day Riots was the only thing he could pull off the bike.....

Oh I guess it's been a good life!
The photos bring a little tear the day after ANZAC day. I was thinking about laying in a fox hole 40 yrs ago in the DMZ, whilst it was quiet, thinking that "if" I Iived through it "all" I was going to have myself a long black Pan when I got "back to the World!" My body could take step after step in the bush whilst my mind was on that Pan over and over step after step, each step, part after part bolt after each nut it comforted me to think about a Pan Chop!
Well to lose the "dream bike"under such circumstances ! It's all about world powers, and governments and mainly "society"
"You can't have shit!" But, remember: "shit happens!"


ezPz said...

"You can't have shit!" But, remember: "shit happens!"

The world is full of shit, try not to slip ;)

good read as always thanks max, hope the tank turns into something special, deserves it

drsprocket said...

To close to home, only it was a Knuck. Thanks, Bob P.S. If no one said, "welcome Home" when you got off the plane, I'm saying it now. DaNang '69

max schaaf said...

rich- i thought of you when i read that. someday you have to write down the oakland bus terminal post vietnam story.... i would love to post it. --max