Tuesday, April 14, 2009

**hunter s.**

imagine some of the situations this guy has put himself in
to write. a strong personality, stomach, and willing-ness to roll
with it... i imagine.

thanks austin


hutch73 said...

there's a great documentary out called Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. highly recommend it.

Derol said...

Just happened to watch it last night.
Odd... (not the movie, just the coincidence)

It's ruling.

Sweet Heet said...

the most amazing man ever. read the all the gonzo paper volumes if you get a chance.

2812 photo said...

i know the Angels didn't like the book after it came out, but that said, there's no one else who got closer and managed to debunk the pathetic stereotype the Angels had at the time than HST. also gotta love that after his death, his ashes were shot out of a canon in his backyard.

nic said...

"I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes." - H. S. thompson

This about sums it up.

ras said...

took american freedom of expression to the limit. then offed himself with a gun. not sure why we always idolize dudes like Thompson but there's a long list: billy the kid, ws burroughs, hemingway, bukowski, and so on. HS's stories of riding the borrowed Ducati were classic.

Mr. Lentini said...

best ever

Anonymous said...


one of the good Doctor's last stories before his death notice... truly a great american

a million thanks Dr. Thompson

Icky said...

Funny... we are on the same wavelength (again) right now as I just posted this last week:


In other news, I had to put down my 15y.o. German Shepard very recently. I ain't been the same since, really. Was thinking about your Knuckles post, etc.

Just got back from spreading Randy's ashes up in Truckee over the weekend.
He loved it up there.

Tough rollin' around up there at the skatepark w/o him, man.

See you in the warehouse soon?


Self Edge said...

HST inspired me to no end..
Thanks for that lower photo, don't think i'd seen that one before.

Stone said...

I don't buy into the idea of heroes, but HST is my exception.