Wednesday, August 23, 2017

climbed out from under my rock for a Seen/Scene Report. Hello.

ashes to ashes

Jonah and his new paint

Elissa... one of the best.

Ken Time

Intermission with Tyler Boy

Reaction Action

I went to Australia the other month, I got as sick as i've ever been. This guy killed it.

Paddy and his father Pete...Legends....with Mr. Matt Machine. 

           Intermission with Ray Fonger

Assembly Show London.
Not going to lie, it was really a special time. 

Jer And MO  Winning

Dan's Clean Pan

Vince's perfect Pan

I met super mario

Mag and CHase

    Spanning Time

  Intermission with Derek and Josh

They End.


D.Car said...

Welcome back

Sheabones said...


Louis David said...

bummer I couldnt make it to LDN this time !