Friday, July 9, 2010

....fair days revisisted....

chris got his airbrushed
crystal myth shirt made.
his 6yr old son did a sheep rodeo
for kids. his face is covered in
dirt from repeatedly getting bucked off
the sheep and going straight to his head. the end he got the trophy.


CAE357 said...

Hey Max, where can I get a shirt like that for my son?

drsprocket said...

Max, You need to do some more of the "now retro" old 4Q shirts in red with the white lettering on the back. I'll take a half dozen in X-Large. No BS. P.S. The black w/red on the back could work too! R.

drsprocket said...

Oops, Almost for the black w/yellow lettering.

Zito said...

haha - fuck man you guys really know how to do a fair up proper! i wouldve lost my shit seeing that little grom riding a sheep. ill have to send you a pic of my bud levi riding a cow in NH that he just randomly ran out of the car & into a pasture & jumped on.

max schaaf said...

send it this way.
rich and company
new 4Q logo shirts
and hats next week.
bout time huh?