Thursday, July 8, 2010

well -- said

scott pommier wrote me this:

i ended up going on that ride solo. which is pretty much how i thought it would go from the outset. i think i'm actually glad it worked out like that, it was nice to get away from everything. i did a loop out through the canyons, out to ojai and then out to santa barbara through the mountains and home. somewhere between four and five hundred miles, with only about ten minutes of that on the 101. canyon roads, coastal roads, mountain roads and farm roads. i camped out by michael's jackson's neverland ranch. after all the troubles starting the bike, once it had a bed roll packed on it, it started in one kick, both days. i guess it just needed somewhere to go. after riding all that way, i got pulled over thirty minutes from home. holiday weekend, and my route took me by the biker bar. so the cops were posted up on mulhulland fishing. i got a ticket for no proof of insurance, plate improperly mounted, out of date registration and i had some seatbelt ticket from 2008 that had soured into a suspended license. i never got anything in the mails, so i just forgot about it. anyways, now i can't drive until my court date. i'm going through all the rigamorole (sp?) of getting the bike imported and all that. shouldn't be too hard, just expensive.

i guess i've got some time to catch up on admin' and work on my switch flips.

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