Tuesday, February 8, 2011


-the world is flat-

Vienna, Austria born Michael Schmidt got pushed
from his homeland early in his life. The purpose
of the uprooting was for him to get his
act together,have a fresh start, and to ditch
his untamed past. His parents shipped him from
Vienna to some relatives in the good ol' USA.
He landed smack dab in the middle of harley hawg
heaven....Milwaukee Wi. Years of living there
found him a tired old sportster. In his early
20's he headed solo to Sturgis, with $80 left
to spend he took it to Arizona.Upon his arrival
he checked into a school and spent some years
there preparing to become an upstanding American
citizen by working toward architecture degree.
The mission was accomplished and it took him to NY,
SF, and LA.... dreams come true, but they hadn't
yet. His passion was photography. He ditched it
all, left the firm and started pursuing his
photography. He hustled fashion jobs and things
started to pop. Having a wild hawg of his own,
and always practicing his passion for riding
motorcycles he started to shoot them as well.
Heart on the sleeve eye to the lens.

......so when a few friends sent him up
here to Oakland I welcomed him. Problem
was some buds and i had a saturday
ride of 100+ miles and the only extra
running bike we had was my Mom's hand me
down Honda 400four. I've had photographers look
down there nose at better bikes than
it , not Michael he hopped on it and
took to the northern calif. roads. He didn't
complain once about not having a "cooler bike"
he only repeatedly thanked me for the loaner.
Super good time. Cool dude.
my shit cell photo
of Michael headed
home across the richmond
bridge. 100miles at the top
of 6th gear.

michaels photos.
lil sara



pomm and pan


mindpill said...

i expect to eventually re-read all the these words in your book some day.....pictures included. i want the first edition signed by you. i`m not kidding. be peace, nash

max schaaf said...

xo nash, max

Kid Kurpius said...

Yes! Great dude... great photographer.

jason webber said...

Real humble guy. Honored to be on the opposite end of his lens.

special'79 said...

The CB400F was my first bike and took me to my first full time job at 16 yrs. old at a sandblasting company. There was nothing more satisfying that making $130 a week and riding home on that old Honda every day the summer of '85.

scott pommier said...

michael is a werewolf on wheels with an eye for the golden glow.

Gus said...

just rode my girlfriends 75 400four on saturday with about 15 people. My ametuer mechanic skills forced me to not ride my bike. It was fun as hell. Shit is light, gettin blown all over the road at 70. Its funny I also store my fathers 99 nighttrain and chose the honda without hesitation.

Michael Schmidt said...

ohhh...I love you guys...I feel all warm and fuzzy.
wait a minute...I'm a bike rider; none of this fuzzy girly stuff...

Nick said...

That's rad man. I'm really stoked for people that get to do what they love. That gives me some hope for myself. Hey Max, when I come to Oakland can I have free range of your shop too? Awesome!

BCM said...

I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity spend quite a bit of time with Michael & Co lately.
It's always a really cool vibe being surrounded by such talent, actually get shit done and have a great time doing it.