Tuesday, December 1, 2009

....free sonny.... c.1974


Unknown said...

Hey Max. I just found one really great song from David Allan Coe on youtube and i thought you might like it.


Greetings from Slovenia :)

LUCKY said...

Ah Samson ya mite not want to talk ill of the Angels! Loose lips get loose teeth!

max schaaf said...

i did u a favor and deleted
your comment. to judge a whole group
from the sidelines...is wrong.
you don't know what is was like cause
you weren't there... nor was i. from photos and movies it looks choice...but that's also how i want it to be in my head. you judging them for how they are now... is too much for you to do. i personally know dudes in the club now that are awesome... and live and love life. so next time just, don't.

Samson said...

Max, I guess you are right.
I did do the mistake to jugde the whole from the ones doing bad and I am sorry for that.

But on the other hand, it is hard to know what to believe, when whatever you hear about them here in Germany has to do with violence and crime.

I hope you understand my point, max, that is just my impression that I have of them here in Germany.

LUCKY said...

Sorry Max! You are correct sir!