Thursday, December 17, 2009

...souls sold 69cents.

cover photo:
oaklands own,ken nagahara
kinda weird the week i
decide to tear this bike
apart and turn it into the
garage find.. it ends up on
hotbike japans cover. thanks gonz


a beautiful photo essay
by -scott pommier-
on the chino fab shops
josh and clayton
bgp's by mindpills own"the nash"
a ride from chino to SLO

timeless photo below of clayton
super cool dude, super clean pan.


onigoroshi said...

that is a great issue. normally i don't buy hot bike but the scott pommier photo shoot sold me. can't wait for his cycle book.

"Mother" said...

nice job Scott .............

menacing ayu said...

love the cover & the lil calendar. shinya and i should have come up to your place with gonz and isobe-san.

max schaaf said...

sorry bout cha

"Mother" said...

how do i get a copy of this ?.......

OcchioLungo said...

Hey Max. the bike looks good on the cover. But do you think anybody in Japan will get the old joke about Oakland? (there's no there there)

max schaaf said...

i think ken used the (there's no there there) not as a joke but just
as the famous Gertrude Stein quote about Oakland... maybe trying to show
there is a there?

grant said...

I was lucky enough to buy this issue while in Japan, best trip ever.

VANDER said...

kens a super nice guy thats awesome you got the cover and he got to shoot it ........congrats to both of you