Sunday, December 13, 2009

...oakland garage find...> revisited

daydream believer......
in and around Oakland there's many old
homes with many old garages. i look down every
driveway and look into every open garage dreaming
of finding the )OAKLAND GARAGE FIND( in all reality
i know it will probably never happen. but the new
blue knuckle is just this in my eyes... what i am
always dreaming of finding.

it started with a blue raked out
panhead frame i bought from an old
biker in the oakland hills... he had
it laying on it's side under an upside
down bathtub. it was a few months ago...
i kept staring a the frame, wishing it
wasn't so raked.
So 15 days ago i de-raked it. brought the
neck back and that's when i saw it...
It had to be done. i had 15 days till
the dave man show and 12 days till my
friends from japan came. long days well into
the night,

Simple Blue Persuasion

the rakers left me a tip



the tank.. was too chubby
so i took out inside the tape
and shortened the sides


heated and tacked the round bar
waiting to be filled with bronze and

my ol keeping me and it
grounded. molding took a day.
it's a lot of work.

molded and primed tank

and i had to cut that
little stem out and replace with
a 1" stem. this is about day6.
took some time.

had to blend the old
paint with the new.... failed
at one idea so i had to rethink my
shit.... acetylene-ing did the trick
this is when i realized i might be able
too fool a few (oops) peolple.

had to tear apart my two up
tank shift knuckle.... needed all
it's parts.... another one of the reasons
this all went down is cause that knuckle frame
is way bent.

... no shit... i think i shed
one small man tear right here.
the motor looked like it belonged
in the new roller. this is when everything
else in life stopped.

almost there. 12:30 am day 12

appropriately finished on day 13. wich was 11 days
of working on it... cause i got therapy one day
and slept one day.

i would like to thank each
and everyone that responded to
the post below.... "karma, deserving,
congrats, good home"... fuck. thankyou.
you guys are amazing.... and the whole
time it kept me going, thinking in my head
"can i really pull this off?"

i wish i did find it.
gotta keep the dreams alive... even when you
gotta make em come true on your own.


Big Scott said...

Max, you did find it, and there she sits. nice work.

Jonny Pockets said...

Had me fooled. And jealous. Nice build.

Capt. Cal said...

HAHA, had me fooled man, but I cant say I was a bit skeptical. What got me thinking was the front end, idk why. I still stand by what I said earlier, I'd still french kiss an 85 yr ol lady for it!

Big Dirty said...

Hearing the story, then seeing the build pics really says it all Max. You built a historical bike in 13 days, during which time all I managed to do was clean my gutters and put up Christmas lights!! Amazing what one can accomplish with Vision, Skills and Determination. Congrats to you Brother!!!

matt machine said...

max..your always an inspiration to us....i remember reading your story in dice about the knuck and how you didnt know what it would eventually become....
too cool you are....

Unknown said...

There is no end to your ruling.

Mochi said...

Hi Sarah!!!

anobexia said...

what boots does your girl wear max , my lady wants a couple of them???
Very nice bike, great job.
greetings from belgium

christiano said...


Steve said...

Well you had me fooled but I could see your style within that bike. Either way,it couldn't possibly look any better.

hon said...

You got me too, but who cares, great accomplishment, 13 days, I'm sure you enjoyed every moment.

ThickMick said...

Ha ha ha ah ahaaaa. This post should win some kinda of award or something. YOu always leave others in the dust. that sickle=funkadelic wonderland warm fuzzy cloud. YOU RULE MAXIMUS!

Kris Bennett said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said? What a beautiful build and a HUGE inspiration! You're my hero, brother.

Doug said...

sucka punch..thats what you should call it! ha ha...nice got me man

shiftace said...

so wait, you didn't really find those seatcovers? fuck man, good one. april fools

max schaaf said...

thanks so much.
december fools.
found the boxes
bu no seat covers.

Robert Turner said...

What was the year on the quarter? Is that the year it was originally raked? It is a thing of beauty. And only 15 days. Inspirational.

MC said...

when I first saw that bike all I thought was... man, that thing has max written all over it. would have been a pretty sweet find, but even better knowing that it was your skills that made it look that "right"

michael said...

its not nice to fool mother nature

David Bond said...

Yeh, my buddies and I were tring to figure out how you stumbled onto a "find" with so much of your style. Hindsight... Damn it. Nice job! But you know, there is one out there, and in Oakland

LUCKY said...

Max funny, funny! Ya what year was the quarter?

C.Earhart said...

I knew there was something fishy, that brake lever very much resembled the ones you fab up.

nevertheless, I was duped on the rest.

Good find, It was in your head the whole time!

Trawler said...

Your not the messia, your a very naughty boy!

circus leo said...

yo max ;-)

Unknown said...

this is a work of art. pure and raw. incredibly impressive.

kudos max

Rigid Hips Stockholm said...

11 days of work, impressive.

"Action is the foundational key to all success"
~ Pablo Picasso

covells said...


sfk greg.

handerson said...

well played sir. lets see a close up of the finished tank.

Scotty Scott said...

Fooled. seething hatred retracted.

nic said...

This is the reason I check this blog erry single day. Niiice.

+One said...

Max-Been a fan of your work for a time. Uber pure vision, love that you keep it real & true. Only you could pull off this build in the true heart of the "sleeping beauty". much love from the chilly Michigan parts.

Royce said...

gift vision
follow through wonder
pieces the puzzle
sleepless stumble
no choice
no option
destiny is set

wishbone69 said...


wishbone69 said...


DJ said...


you are a total HERO! I wish I had the drive to build bikes as fast as you. I've been sittin on my shovel fer years. This is the shit that makes me want to make it happen. Thank you for posting this kind of rad stuff!


Meccanico di Veno said...

Son of a bitch. I fell for it hook line and sinker. Testimonial to your skill and creativity.

Unknown said...

Nice! Nothing like a good homegrown hoax to keep the holidays interesting. You had us all going there, somehow I liked the suspense of not knowing.

Stretch said...

So very nice and what master craftsmanship. That extended i-beam definitely looks the part and the paint blending is exceptional. Very inspiring!