Tuesday, July 6, 2010

....mind bender....

lee bender is a rad
dude.... he got diagnosed
with MS a while back and it's
been a crazy/expensive battle
with the disease. his bro's
and bro-ets are trying to raise
some dough for him to get a surgery
that will give him the best chance
he has at being able to skate and be
healthy again. skate, ride, glide,
powerslide, boneless, moonwalk or
bunny hop down the the parkside and
help him out. it's gonna be a goodtime.
fo sho


Slappy's Skateboard Garage said...

I am backing Lee...Lance Dawes told me that he is a good guy, rad skater, and enough said...At the Rumble in Ramona we will have all beer donations going to Lee and the MS benefit..I'm looking forward to meeting Lee before or during the Rumble...Hope to see you there Max..........working into the morn on a 73' Bronco resto......jake doomey 2:52am

dave herr said...

this is a great thing for a great guy!

max schaaf said...

right on