Tuesday, November 23, 2010

-death squad-

my buddy sent
me this rad new long
sleeve death squad
shirt. a take on the
ol frisco design.
check em out HERE

thanks chris


the Dutch said...

Max... do you have any more pics of "daves knuckle" er does "dave" have a blogger? Its the bike with green tanks n sweeeeet cocktail shakers in the halloween 2010 post from Oct 31st. Hopin to get a closer look-see... it makes me squishy. Larry

Michael said...

Squishy... Good way to put it.


Mark Harris said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, Max.

max schaaf said...

i'll try and check with dave.
those green tanks are actually
my old black knuckle split tanks.

dave if you see this send em over.

and happy turk day to all..thanks mark

Lunatic Dolphin said...

Those are NICE

the Dutch said...

Bulimic bobs... rule. Thanks Max.