Sunday, November 28, 2010

skate and celebrate like cannibals

stolen from chrome ball

i want to learn
this trick "Madonna's Derriere"


Ailton© said...

Nice pics from the old shoebox :)
what's "Madonna's Derriere" Max? Picture 1 or 2?

jason webber said...

every post should be a Lance post.

max schaaf said...

pic 2. the trick is a madonna
but you gram the tail of the
board ...tail=derriere hence
madonna derriere

Ailton© said...

Ohh ok, thanks for the explanation Max, and Derriere i knew, it's French for Ass :) maybe i can find any videos of guys doint IT :)
I'm glad a still can kick one of my boards sometimes, nothing special just old man's fun and pain... getting older, never wiser :P