Sunday, November 21, 2010

.free mustache rides.

this photo
is solid. the bro,
the sign, the crutches,
and the over all feeling.

thanks to
old lady leah.


germchild said...


shiftace said...

unfortunate that young man never had the opportunity to use the innerwebs to let him know how to properly fold that bandana. shame. but the artwork on that poster is choice.

Smyth said...

I really wanna say that this photo is more current than it seems. Photo and tattoo quality are too good. Backin the Hitz? comment. Sure this wasn't from KOTR this year? Budweiser cup is the only real evidence of an earlier generation.

Oliver said...

I can assure you it is old in fact. early 90s at the latest. taken by paula either in new jersey or new york.