Thursday, April 1, 2010

--cryin wolf?? a real barn find!

not april fools

my friend ralph in the third photo
below had told me about this knuckle
since i met him a couple years back.
every once in a while he'd say:

"i need to go check on this knuckle,
that i know about from way back when"

....I'd say "go check on that fuckin knuckle"
Ralph was around for the glory day's of choppers
he had pans and gen shovels... but never a knuck.
He parked his shovelhead years ago and focused
more on chopped fords and custom cars. he's got
lots of good stories about goodtimes and lot's of
stories about bad times and friends that got in
to the lifestyle to deep and ended going "swimming
in the bay"...for the rest of their lives.

recently he got newer h.d. and got his bearings back.
it sparked him up. the other day once again he said:

"i need to go check on this knuckle,
that i know about from way back when"

and once again i said:
"go check on that fuckin knuckle"

well look what he found.....

ralph rules... and i'm so stoked
for him. he basically dipped the thing in
Marvel mystery oil.... and it turns over.
of course he's leaving it just how it is.
the dudes son needed to keep the tank
for a couple reasons... so ralph already
tracked a clean one down.

he found this one first-

the son had pushed the bike out of the barn
a few years ago to try and ride it...
it ended up in the yard.

you son of a bitch

not for sale


"LOUIE" said...

I wouldn't change a thing either. It looks great. Nice find.

Dave said...


mindpill said...

those are the best stories, everyones dream. lucky.

Chico said...

that is so damn awesome!
good for him man.

Big Dirty said...

Nice score Moochie!!!

Unknown said...

Moochie fucking rules all! Now he can add this neat piece to his collection of other neat pieces: flathead-powered dragboat, early custom Merc, bitchin' this-n-that, the list goes on...




but i really want to know about the tank now!..

what was on it!

max schaaf said...

..not gonna make kutty's deal.
the bike is really insane.

Jet City Jughead said...


And cool that he's not going to mess with it and let it continue to be the piece of history it is.

And a neat looking piece, not a fuggler.

Shrewgy said...

I love a happy ending, or beginning or middle, who cares as long as it saw the light of day intact and in good hands.

jbfrmca said...

killer score!a little lube on the primary and it looks good to go. did he get the pan too? if not e me and i'll pick it up.

Toecutter said...

I like storys with happy endings.

michael said...

sniff sniff, i wanna be an old fucker, oops, i guess, nevermind ;)