Sunday, April 11, 2010

..more bay area history

Guy who owned the green sporty: Al Avilla
San Leandro Ca, resident whole life
Al got into taxedermy at 9 years old, Harleys at 18
bought the sporty as a stocker in '69, rode it to school his senior year at San Leandro High
After high school he tore it apart and bult the green chopper; Arlen paint, Nunes front end etc etc
Won a trophy at the Oakland roadster show in '72, kissed the trophy for a picture
Continued to ride and change the bike for many years and many miles.
when he sold the bike it was all black and had a front you can see Al had "A little Captain in him" before it was cool to stand like a pirate with your leg on an invisible barrel,

thanks to my buddy'
j.fred for these amazing photos
and story...!!!1


christiano said...

last pic it's cool.
bagger sporty.
nice story and , as usual, super cool cycle.
I prefer the flamed version
ciao from Verona (italy)

Mark Harris said...

Nice pic's.

manhugo said...

Not only is AL a ruler, he is taxifing my deer from last year and he rides a fully engraved shovel to work every day! the bike has more engraving than you can imagine. love it!

Capt. Cal said...

Now thats a sportster done right. Al has an eye not too many people have.