Friday, April 23, 2010

...san francisco.... -1972-

well the guy in the pic is sal (drinking a beer). he was building his bike at the time and a guy named randy was taking photoghraphy classes at the time and he shot these pics. that's all i know. sal now lives in volcano ca. it's just outside of jackson. you should see his place all the good stuff. anyway it turns out that burrito rick lived down the street from him so you might want to pick his brain for more info. rick called him pegleg sal. i guess he has a bad wheel or somthing. who knew?
later john.

thanks john.
each one of these
photos is worth clicking
on and checking out the
details. so good. max


m said...

do it.

michael said...

looks familiar

circus leo said...

once again killer pictures thank you so much!!!

drsprocket said...

Max, Know Sal well. He's always selling at Dixon (next to the last row). He still has the touch. Lives on top of a hill. Stand up guy. Good to know he goes back that far. So quiet you'd never know. His bad wheel never slowed him down.

max schaaf said...

thanks rich


The real killer photo is the one of the 2 bikes in the high contrast shadow ( the 7th pic down).. it's perfect.. with I would have taken it.. B/W forever!

hardluckmcteenidol said...