Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my friend -tim lehi- gave this old mann centerfold. it's got it all.


Dave Conrey said...

David Mann, may he rest in piece.

Dirty Donny said...

This is great.
It would be really cool to find some Dave Mann originals.
Had a good time camping with you guys.

iowahawk said...

Wow... thanx for that post.

When I was a kid in Sioux City, IA (same town as Bill Mize) I met Dave Mann. My grandma lived next to Tiny Brower, who was the founder / president of the El Forasteros MC in Sioux City. He was friends with Mann, who started the El Forasteros chapter in K.C.

Tiny was indirectly responsible for getting Mann his first big break. He sent pix of Mann's art to Ed Roth, who started selling them as posters in the Roth Studio ads in Hot Rod and R&C. A lot of those early posters depicted the El Forasteros from Sioux City.

RIP Dave Mann
RIP Ed Roth
RIP Harlan "Tiny" Brower

Sparky said...

I happened onto your blog and it brought back sweet memories. I was just a girl in Kansas City 1969 - 1971, when I had the pleasure to ride hard with Tiny,who was always a gentle man to me. We would ride in snow or sweltering heat...and when we broke down coming back from Silver Dollar City in the Ozarks, I remember walking miles to a farm house to call one of Tiny's friends, so Tiny could stay with the bike. A friend showed up hours later in an old sedan; with a few rope ties to steady the load,Tiny sat in the trunk holding onto the forks of that chopper from the Ozark boonies of Missouri all the way back to Kansas City. Thanks to my time with Tiny, I got hard tail fever in my blood with some great times thrown in. Rest in Peace, Tiny.
I was a kid from Shawnee, KS, too young and stupid to know what I wanted in life, so we eventually parted ways. Now,I'm older and wiser; I've grown into a good biker bitch,loyal and still proud to ride in back of my man on his 70Shovel. We go to ChopperMeets, SmokeOuts,and Dice Parties. It's killer to see all the young guys like Slim (Redwood,CA); AJ,Tony and Eric (LAS VEGAS) building choppers and partying like we did 40 years ago. May it never end.