Saturday, February 16, 2008

landshark go!

Landshark go
King of the road
Eat my dirt
Landshark go
King of the road lets go
Landshark will never let you go
When no ones left alive
Landshark will survive
Don't heed no rules or regulations
No fears or hesitations
Never goes by the book
That car knows how to cook
Landshark go
lyrics from Fang...landshark


The Vintagent said...

Dang, that's the first time I've heard Fang quoted... anywhere! Max, did you know I used to work on Maximum RocknRoll back in...'81-'84?

max schaaf said...

wow, i did not. how old were you 13??

The Vintagent said...

19 in '81, just old enough to get into the Mab and On Broadway (rip Dirk Dirksen...he always had time for a chat, unless there was fight to deal with...).