Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i was in japan a few years back and saw this crazy knuckle chopper half covered
by a tarp. i stared at it for a while and then this young japanese longhair dude comes out
and says "hey".
we got to talkin about his bike and how rad it is. he asked me if i wanted to hear it run.
of course i did. right then it started to rain. he skippery kicked it to life and made it roar.
crazy grin across his face. that was the firts time i met Yuta. totally random.
about a year later he was in paso with Mochi. we hung out a bit a had a good time.
then he past away in japan in an accident. he seemed to have an old soul and a good
vibe. i know he is very missed.


TerryN said...
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goose said...

he died on my birthday Max, he was a super rad kid!

CHVRCH said...

Yes, Yuta Rules! We went to his parents building a couple months ago. They took us to his room, everything was as he left it. He was the real deal.

Mochi said...

i miss Yuta.