Wednesday, January 2, 2013

and from out of nowhere i get this stoked.

Max, I bought your most recent tee when I saw it on you blog. I live here in Oakland and you put in a nice note about keeping 'em in NorCal. Pretty sweet. Anyway, last week I went to DC to see a friend's band, Dag Nasty. They had not played together in like 20 years and it was a really big deal among a certain set of us now-grown punk kids. And while I've always been tight with all the others, I had not seen their original singer, Shawn, in decades. Here is a pic of us together at the show. I thought it might amuse you. Thanks for your always entertaining blog, the amazing choppers, and of course the shirt! Cheers, Michael Ryan
michael, this made my day. thank you


WhitelinePsycho said...

Sweet history, nice.

jaybird said...

so rAd!!!!

Shawn Brown said...

What a fun nite! Awesome catching up with Mike. 4Q!

max schaaf said...

....awesome. Thanks again mike and shawn!

pug said...

hey mike-

it was good to see you there. Great show(s) both nights. You still have that ducati?
yes i look at 4Q, too.

ps. what's up max. sorry i couldn't get to brklyn invitational. last year... here's to 2013!

Unknown said...

I loves me some Dag Nasty!!!

Daniel said...

What Can I Say!!!!!!!!!! Hey Max, Alicin and Emily just hooked me up with one of the 4Q shirts you sent them. Thanks a lot! It was good meeting/skating with you man! Everybody check out Shawn Brown's new band Red Hare,heard a song,sounds rad. Enjoy 2013.
Dan. Austin/Tejas.

max schaaf said...

alec.... somewhere own the road.

Dan... so glad you all got that stuff. thanks again for hooking up the skate when i was there. see you soon i hope. max