Wednesday, November 19, 2008

**todd congelliere** the conge

must of had a time machine and came from the future.
legendary underground status(sounds gay)
saw him skate a pro contest in texas when i was an am. 1990
he crossed the ramp did an axle stall paused, pissed his pants,
rode through his piss and that was about it. somehow he didn't win.
youtube it for days.


Royce said...

Icy Bear himself.

RyGar said...

Todd from FYP, no? I never got a chance to meet him, but I saw them play a few times. Dance My Dunce is good stuff. I remember a graphic with the Playskool people, never saw him skate, though.

Steve B. said...

I am a naked, naked ape.

Dan said...

Todd was the shit. 6ft. stale-disasters, cab-disasters so good! our Ymca in redding played host to some of the gnarliest sessions on record. .j.j.rodgers going apeshit w/8ft bodyjars shaking the whole fuckin ramp.ross goodman to fakie all up in the beams,shawn and sarge applying their city style to ramp-insane,aaron vincent,e.turvo,wade,all the gravediggers,jason monroe-those nsa & casl contests were amazing-stoked to have been there in person.

Rigid Hips Stockholm said...

Backside shove it 5-0's to fakie
Bigspin backside lipslides...

The Liberty video - Total mindblower.