Sunday, November 9, 2008

69 mile ride....

it turned out super fun.
exactly 60 motorbikes showed up.
1 scooter.
5 trikes.
1 submarine.
and 1 helicopter.
do the math... 68 and i owe you one.

forest and scotty came out from santa cruz.
more of a 200 mile ride for them.

how can we get this bear outta that case??


shiftace said...

buncha gangstas just doin gangsta shit. looks fun. thanks for the pics

lucas said...

awesome ride. rad bikes. great weather. every sunday should be like this. thanks again.

max schaaf said...

shift you'll have to get out here someday.

lucas. thanks for coming. gooodtime.

Hunks&Hot Rods said...

I'm stoked those guys came from Santa Cruz. I have only been living here about a month and I was starting to believe cool bikes didn't exist in SC.

Chico said...

looks like it was great weather.
awesome pics.
is that the caldacot tunnel? sure looks like it.

Thanks for the eye candy.

Anonymous said...

if you feed the bear 144 hot dogs from Caper's it might break free, just saying the bear looks hungry

shiftace said...

Max, I'm coming up there in April. I'll get in touch and we'll do it to it.. On the same note, this Saturday is our Dice partay in Vegas. It's what only like a 200 mile ride from you ( I mapquested it) bring a pretty girl or Jasin or Too Short whoever.

Great_Escape said...

The best time I've had in a long time. Be sure to tell Burrito Rick he rules for taking up the chase position and for stopping to check on all who ended up on the side of the road for "adjustments". Ask him about muddy corners on swing arm bikes. Thanks for making it happen.