Wednesday, July 30, 2008

-Break Free Customs- bikes by John Cardiel

26" cruiser loop tail. perfect

she like to puff the magic dragon

blender by amana, faucet by price pfister, dishwasher by maytag....oh the bike it's by cardiel

john always has cool bikes. he's taking it one step further and doing some some custom
assembly. vintage parts, newer parts, anodized stuff. goodlooking and good riding bikes.
he's working on his site now.... so soon check: out


greg said...

the 26" loop tail is so tight!

are these bikes for sale

Guy said...

Nice bikes! The red cruiser look like a Hunter frame. Wow

Jet City Jughead said...

I'll be down for some of that when your boy is up and running. I need something to cruise w/ Logan on and it won't be some pole smoker hipster fixed gear ninny bike.

Royce said...

REDLINE! Those are nice on the eyes. I think all three of those are fixed gears. I think the name is also a play on fixed gear deal - break free - allot of fixed gears dont' have both breaks or any at all.

Thanks for the heads up Max.

Anonymous said...

sosweet. now i gotta convince my wife i need another bike. Nice post.
all hail Cardiel.